How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

The vagina houses a lot of bacteria, both good (lactobacilli) and bad (anaerobes). In bacterial vaginosis,  the natural balance get affected and there is an increase in the bad bacteria and  decrease of good bacteria, which causes mild infection. Moreover, in the case of sexually active women, there are chances of the infection getting transmitted to the partner.

Hydrogen peroxide, commonly found in every household, can work wonders to keep bacterial vaginosis at bay. It is used in aqueous solution. It is colorless and has a bitter taste. It is low cost, has excellent tolerability, and provides real therapeutic efficacy.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Help To Control Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis can be easily treated by hydrogen peroxide. It is an alternative to conventional treatments for bacterial vaginosis. Being a sensitive area one should ideally opt for natural remedies and products to cure such health issue.

  • As a natural disinfectant, it can eliminate the main symptoms of bacterial vaginosis by eliminating the bad bacteria.
  • It facilitates the restoration of normal vaginal bacterial population and pH balance.
  • It also helps eliminate inflammation-causing irritants associated with bacterial vaginosis.
  • It is also used as an antiseptic.
  • It releases oxygen when applied to the skin.
  • The affected area is cleaned with the help of foaming which occurs due to the release of oxygen.

The above mentioned clearly define why one should use hydrogen peroxide to control bacterial vaginosis, below we will see what are the various methods to curb the disease.

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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)?

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for BV

1. Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • Lie on your back in a relaxed position with your legs propped up against something.
  • Prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (3%) water (in equal measures) and spray the vagina.
  • Squirt and hold the liquid in your vagina for about three minutes and then drain it.
  • Repeat the process daily till the problem subsides.

2. Using a Tampon:

  • You would have to crouch as if you are peeing and push in the tampon.
  • Apply the solution to the tampon before inserting it.
  • Ensure that the tampon is not left inside for more than 30 minutes.
  • This is a fabulous way to get rid of the infection and the fishy smell caused by it.
  • Your vagina may sting for a few minutes afterwards.
  • Repeat the process till the problem subsides.

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Tips & Precautions:

  • Always mix equal proportions of hydrogen peroxide and water. If the concentration of hydrogen peroxide exceeds the concentration of water, it may lead to dryness and irritation of the vagina.
  • Hydrogen peroxide may contain active ingredients. Therefore, its topical application may cause redness, stinging, or irritation at the site of application.
  • It rarely may also cause dizziness and difficulty breathing but only when it is swallowed. Contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately if such a situation occurs.
  • However, its benefit is greater than the risk of side effects as it does not cause any serious side effects.
  • Moreover, it is safe to use during pregnancy and also while lactation as it does not pass into breast milk.

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