15 Easy Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

howto use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the recent revolutions that help to benefit a woman in various ways. No exactly the dry shampoo, but they can be used in various other ways as an alternate option. It does not only helps to soak up the oil but also helps to boost the volume of your hair and hence it is of lot of use to all of us. Here are few good ways to should be using dry shampoo. Did you know, if you still don’t have dry shampoo at home, you need to stalk one soon.

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1. Gives a Fix to your Loose Pins:

Most of the times your pins slip out of your hair and they are out of grip most of the time. During such situation you can dip your pins in dry shampoo and then use it over hair. Dry shampoo helps the bobby pins to fix properly over your hair and also it holds your hair way better. Even though you have a good amount of silky hair you can still use dry shampoo to fix back your pins.

2. Helps to Boost Your Eyebrows:

Most of us have thin eyebrows which look actually out of fashion as well as shabby. The worst experience for me is that when a beautician actually ruins your eyebrow making it looks bad and thin. When you hit a panic button, you can start using some dry shampoo to boost the volume. Dab some dry shampoo in your hands and then apply over your eyebrows. Dust out the extra dry shampoo.

3.Helps to Make Your Hair Look Dry:

Most of the time you are in a rush and you don’t have time to wash your hair and hence you are left with oily scalp. What happens next? You look really bad just because you were not able to wash your hair. During such situation the best thing you can do is you can dab some dry shampoo over your scalp that will make your scalp appear dry as well as good.

4. Helps to Keep Your Curls Better:

The starch present in dry shampoo actually helps to keep your curls better as well as helps to make them look good. Once you are done with the styling part, you can dab some dry shampoo over your curls so that it coats your hair well as well as make them look good.

5. Helps to Boost Volume:

Just one spray with dry shampoo can help to boost the volume of your hair. Make sure you apply dry shampoo on the roots more and then move towards the end. It is important to concentrate on hair roots so that it controls from making your hair looking oily. You can spray it all over and enjoy voluminous hair.

6. Avoids Bangs from Sticking on Your Forehead:

Spraying dry shampoo on your bangs can actually avoid bangs from sticking on your forhead. The worst thing about having bangs is they get stuck on your forehead and then it becomes oily. Important thing to consider here is you don’t need to spray it all over but spraying just from beneath can help to keep the bangs away from sticking.

7. Helps to Cover the Dark Hair Roots:

If you have blonde hair then there is good news for you! Now you can conceal the dark roots on your blonde hair with the help of dry shampoo. Remember to concentrate dry shampoo over dark hair roots so that it looks equal with the rest of your hair.

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8.Helps to Save Your Sneakers:

If you have lots of sneakers at your home, I’m sure you don’t keep them properly! I mean, atleast one of them will surely start smelling. The problem is due to the sweat released from the feet it leads to stinky and smelly sneakers. To avoid the smell you can spray some dry shampoo over sneakers one night before you wear them.

9. Helps to Redo Hairstyle:

Once you have washed your hair, you can spray a small amount of dry shampoo so that it does not gets oily while you are styling your hair. Also the biggest advantage to this is you can redo hairstyle equally well without making your hair sticky as well as oily. Once you are done with blow dryer, your hair comes back to normal state.

10. Helps to Keep You Cool:

What happens if you wear tights in summer days? You perspire a lot which results in sticky and smelly cloths. Most of the women experience itching all over the body due to tight cloths as well as excessive perspiration. So, you can do dab some powder on your thigh so that it controls the sweat as well as avoids odour.

11. Keeps Your Hands Cool:

Dry shampoo helps to keep your hands dry and hence you can use them in summer as well as winter. Spray little amount of dry shampoo on your hands and rub your hands which will not allow your hands to perspire and help them to be cool and dry.

12.Helps to Remove Oily Stain From Carpet:

Dry shampoo helps to remove oily stain from the carpet. Dab some dry shampoo over carpet and concentrate on the affected area. Wait for few minutes till you find the powder settling down a bit. Now vacuum out the affected area and see the change.

13. Helps to Set Short Hair:

If you have chopped your hair short, you can use dry shampoo to set your hair in place. It does not even make your hair look sassy but makes you good always ready. Make sure you keep the dry shampoo out of face and apply carefully only on the hair.

14. Maintain The Style:

Dab some dry shampoo over hair and then use your fingers to adjust your hair accordingly. Use small amount of dry shampoo if you are using just to style your hair well.

15. Helps to Get a Better Braid:

You can get the best braid with the help of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo actually helps to give you a better grip as well as helps to add some volume to your hair.

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