20 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses Of Cashew Nuts(kaju)

Benefits and Uses Of Cashew Nuts(kaju)

Cashew nuts are popularly known as Kaju and has a delicious taste. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for the body. It belongs to Anacardiaceae family and has it’s roots in Amazon forest of Brazil. It is exported across the globe due to the benefits that it provides. It is also caloric in nature, hence one should limit the quantity. This kidney shaped dry fruit was introduced in India by the Portuguese during the 16th century. The following the benefits of cashew nuts:

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Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

A Gift to the Heart

The heart is the most crucial organ of the body and a small carelessness can lead to the death of the person. A recent study reveals that strokes and heart attacks are the most common reason behind the rising death rates. A lot of factors impacts the health of the heart. It has low fat content which makes it a suitable nut for the heart. The healthy fats are stored in the form of oleic acid which benefits the heart. Cashew nuts are also free of cholesterol.

A Cure for Cancer

It is said that cancer is very difficult to be cured especially if you have reached the last stage. Thus, it is better to take precautions in the beginning. Cashew nuts Proanthocyanidins in them. They prevent the tumor cells to further grow and spread in the body. The copper that is a part of Cashew nuts is said to control the cancerous cells. Colon cancer can be easily prevented by consuming few Cashew nuts on regular basis.

A Way to Control Blood Pressure

The high and low blood pressure both are equally dangerous to health. It is better to take precautions to stabilize it. Cashew nuts contains magnesium which helps to control the blood pressure.

Leads to Healthy Bones

Both calcium and magnesium plays an important role in promoting the health of the bones. The magnesium present in Cashew nuts takes care of the bones.

Leads to Healthy Nerves

The blood vessels and muscles must be relaxed to function better. Magenium prevents the entry of calcium to the nerve cells, thereby relaxing the muscles and nerve cells. If the calcium level is high, it will lead to contraction of the muscles which will lead to headache, nausea and high blood pressure.

Prevents Gallstones

You can reduce the risk of gallstones by 25% if you consume these kidney shaped nuts on regular basis.

Helps in Weight Loss

Though they are caloric in nature, yet they are beneficial in weight loss process. The good cholesterol helps in maintaining the weight. Munch few cashewnuts weekly once rather than on daily to keep a check on the weight and reap the benefits simultaneously.

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Helps in Digestion

Cashew Nuts is hard in nature and takes time to digest. However, the essential minerals and vitamins present in these nuts, helps in digestion process. It synthesizes nucleic acid, thereby promoting a good digestion process.

Helps in Curing Insomnia

Has sleep taken a toll over your health? Finding it difficult to sleep? Cashew Nuts is a good way to induce sleep. It is very effective for those women who are facing the issues of menopause. Munch them before hitting the bed.

Protects from Macular Degeneration

We all are aware of the harmful rays of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Cashew Nuts can prevent the effects of these rays by filtering them. Thus, one can be protected from Macular Degeneration.

Protects from Free Radicals

The free radicals can be easily eliminated from the body by taking few dose of cashew nuts as they initiate the utilization of iron to the maximum to prevent these free radicals.

Protects from Infection

The body needs to be strong enough to fight with the infections. The zinc and other vital elements present in Kaju helps to prevent infections in the body.

Manages Hypertension

Hypertension is the common problem faced by the mass these days. None of us are spared from it. The monounsaturated fats can easily deal with Hypertension. It is highly recommended for pregnant women.

Benefits of Cashew Nuts For Skin

Prevents Dermatitis

Niacin is present in cashew nuts and it is said to prevent dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Rejuvenates the Skin

The copper present in cashew nuts is said to nourish the skin and fights with free radicals. This prevents skin from ageing and gives healthy look to it.

Prevents Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer and it must be controlled right from the beginning stage. Cashew nuts are said to prevent basal cell carcinoma.

Deals with Stretch Marks

When the skin loosens up, it leads to stretch marks in the body. It is a common sign of pregnancy. Thus, cashew nuts helps to reduce stretch marks as it is said to rejuvenate the skin cells.

Benefits of Cashew Nuts For Hair

Leads to Hair Growth

Copper is an important ingredient for hair growth and cashew nuts have ample of them. They help in hair growth apart from adding shine and brightness to them.

Provides Natural Color to Hair

Melanin is the pigment that decides the color of the hair. Copper is responsible for acting on many enzymes. Tyrosinase contains copper and it converts tyrosine to the melanin, thereby retaining the original color of the hair.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Cashew nuts has ample benefits to hair, health and skin. It can be consumed in many forms. It can be munched as a snacks or be added in the recipes. Desserts are the best way to add cashew nuts to your diet. Be it any festival or celebrations, cashew nuts will surely find a way. There are many variants in cashew nuts and one can choose depending on the taste. The nutrients value might differ from on the type of cashews that you have chosen. They are slightly expensive, but can be easily found in any grocery store or supermarkets. Do try out these nuts and let us know your input on it.

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