50 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas in Daily Life

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Whether you are beginner or an experience yoga practitioner, a person who religiously follows yoga is benefits with its amazing benefits. Recently, we have international world’s yoga day which was a huge yoga wave not only in India, but there were 177 total countries taking part in this grand even. We have brought you a list of 50, where we would be telling you about benefits of yoga.

50 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas in Daily Life

1. Protects Your Spine

There are plenty of forward and backward bends which help you to protect your spinal down from any breakdown and also make them strong and flexible.

2. Boost Immune System

Even 10 minutes morning yoga in empty stomach can benefit you with many health benefits. It automatically helps to boost your immune system and helps the body to fight against alien environmental factors.

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3. Yoga for Perfect Body Posture

There are many yoga poses which helps to give you a perfect body posture. Poor posture can cause neck pain, shoulder pains and spinal pains.

4. Makes You Feel Fresh Throughout The Day

Practicing yoga is the best thing to become a morning person. It helps to treat your morning bloat face and also makes you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day.

5. Improve Reflexivity

Everyone and anyone practicing yoga is surely benefited by improving flexibility. Bending down to toe and back bending can help to make your body tissues flexible and keep other pains at bay.

6. Increases Blood Supply

A regular blood flowing throughout your body is very important. It helps to boost the hemoglobin and red blood cells in the body and regulates the flow throughout.

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7. Strengthen Your Bones

Yoga keeps your bones healthy and strong. There have been various studies which have proved yoga helps to strengthen the bones which keep them away from fractures. Do you remember lifting your own weight?

8. Helps to Lower Sugar

Many of us are being a victim of diabetes and we just keep pooping medicines to lower the sugar rate in the body. Yoga is one such remedy which helps to lower your sugar level and also keeps it under regulation.

9. Helps to Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and hyper tension may lead to various other disorders in the body. Practicing yoga for at least 15 minutes every helps to keep your blood pressure under control and also boost your immune system.

10. Boosts Energy

A morning dated with yoga will leave you to the path of being happy and feeling energetic always. Yoga keeps each and every organ of the body participating in the exercise, which automatically makes you a happy morning person.

11. Regulate Your Adrenal Glands

Yoga helps to cut down the body cholesterol. Cholesterol is a serious condition of a person which can lead to further problems of heart attack, weight gain and high sugar.

12. Makes You Feel Happy

Studies have found, people practicing yoga are more happy and cheerful than other set of groups. Probably this is one of the reasons to yoga in the morning, which ensures you with a happy energetic day.

13. Treats Depressions

Yoga has proved to emotional boost to an individual. There are signs of people being happy and bumping out from their depression stage. Yoga regulates your mental health even.

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14. Treats Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition when bones become brittle and there are chances of bone to break. Yoga makes your bone strong are also treats the condition of porous bones.

Practicing yoga helps to strength your arm and calf bones which are more prone to get brittle.

15. Weight Loss

How can we miss out this amazing benefit of yoga? Regular practice of yoga helps you to cut down few kilos of with in just few weeks. Besides losing your weight, it keeps you in good posture too.

16. Control Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from low blood you might be benefited with yoga. Yoga is beneficiary on both the ends of blood pressure. You need to know about the different positions appropriate for your need.

17. Helps in Digestion

A proper yoga can help you in digesting. There are plenty of alternatives to digest and break down the enzymes, but yoga is helps you in easy digestion which helps you to boost some energy.

18. Induces Good Sleep

Yoga helps in inducing sleep too. If you are person who just can’t sleep and love open eye condition, yoga can give you a solution to this syndrome. Early morning yoga and evening yoga for 10 minutes can help you to induce good sleep at night.

19. Control Your Food Cravings

Food craving can be most especially after a short workout for you. Yoga can help you to build up a defence which would find against the urge of food and also keep you filled.  Yoga helps to strength the mind-body relationship.

20. Healthy Lifestyle

A religious follower of yoga can help you to be cautious about eating foods and other meals. It helps you to drop down your weight and also trains your mind on how to eat and when to eat.

21. Improves Brain Function

Yoga benefits you with a strong mental mind and better functioning. Studies have proved yoga can stimulate ten times better mind functioning than those treadmills and jogging.

22. Benefits at Workplace

Yoga makes you a great energies person which also triggers your brain function. This extra benefit of yoga can help you with a good creativity, thinking, concentration and better relations in the office.

23. Helps in Focus

Focus is the very fundamental thing to be considered in life. Absence of focus can lead to nowhere. People practicing yoga can solve problems without any disturbance and they are benefited with high level of IQ too.

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24. Promotes Hair Growth

Growing your hair is task which is easily not accomplished. Best way to grow hair quickly is practicing yoga asana at home. Yoga practices helps the blood circulation reaches your scalp which makes your folliclues grow strong.

25. Controls Hair Fall

If you are losing enough of hair, why don’t you try yoga? Yoga is the most effective remedy to curb your hair loss besides eating a protein rich diet and using organics shampoo. You will surely be benefited in one month.

26. Prevents Hair Greying

This is one of the common problems, where you can see unnatural hair greying of hair. This condition can be treated easily with the help of yoga. But sometimes, it depends upon the actual reason behind hair greying.

27. Increase Height

Increasing height is everyone’s dream and yoga is one much effective remedy to add few inches of height to a person when done correctly.

28. Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can be a serious condition when you don’t find relief from any of the eye drops. Yoga when done diligently and properly can treat the dry eye syndrome.

29. Fertility Boosting

One such important benefits of yoga is boosting fertility. Practicing yoga by a lady can help her to boost fertility which results in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

30. Treats Anti-Ageing

Yoga helps to rejuvenate your face and helps to make your face look glowing.   Yoga exercise is the new craze for anti-ageing factor which keeps the wrinkles and fine lines away from the skin.

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31. Yoga for Sinus Problem

Sinus can lead to blocked nostrils and serious headaches which sometimes even become hard to breathe. Few yoga aasans helps to cure the sinus and when practiced regularly you feel relieved.

32. For Irregular Monthly Cycle

Instead of taking regular treatments and undergoing surgeries, you can fix your irregular monthly cycle by practicing yoga every morning. Yoga regulates your body functions which induces periods and also reduces pain during the time.

33. Treats Frozen Shoulders

Chances are good that specific yoga postures and specific points can surely help to treat the condition of frozen shoulders.

34. Treats Frequent Urination

Yoga exercise helps to improve the general problems of health; it also treats frequent urination condition. Frequent urination may be due to various factor, but religiously practicing yoga twice a day help treating the problem.

35. Treats Dark Circles

Concerned about those dark circles on your face? You need to know about yoga benefits then. Yes, yoga helps to treat dark circles on face which helps your skin to breathe freely and also fresh.

36. Treats Acne on Face

Yoga helps to treat acne on face ranging from mild to harsh acne on face. Yoga asana helps to reduce stress which is the foremost factor to trigger acne on face.

37. Treats Hearing Problem

Hearing loss can be a scary problem and you just can’t imagine your life without it. Yoga poses can be an effective remedy to cure hearing loss and ear problems. A breathing exercise can help to cure the problem.

38. Maintains Your Nervous System

Practicing yoga benefits you with maintaining your nervous system. Studies have witnesses people with extra ordinary heart beats, raising temperature and many more. Yoga helps to control body in extra ordinary ways.

39. Increase Self Esteem

If you are suffering from chronic low self-esteem you are in need of yoga. Yoga helps to boost confidence brings the feeling of gratitude and empathy. Yogic philosophy helps to increase self-esteem.

40. Helps You to Keep Drug Free

If you are tired of trying other pharmacy products, you need to practice some Yoga. Yoga helps to keep you out of drugs and also controls the urge for it. Yoga helps to regulate the mind the body at the same time.

41. Builds Better Intuitions

Regular practice of yoga can lead to inner peace of mind and build better intuitions.  It benefits an individual so that he is stable from his mind and understands what is to be done next.

42. Keep Allergies at Bay

Yoga helps to build a strong immune system which helps to fight against various allergies and virus affecting your body. Practicing yoga ultimately gives you a healthy strong body.

43. Treats Piles and Fissure

It is always good to consult a doctor when you are suffering from piles or fissure. Besides you proper medication, it is important to practice yoga regularly every morning. It is beneficial especially if you are suffering from anal fissure.

44. Yoga for Conceiving

Practicing yoga by pregnant women will help to keep a regular balance between the hormonal balance and emotional stress. Anything on extreme case is harmful to the pregnant lady. Yoga helps in lowering the pain while conceiving.

45. Yoga for Voice

The quality of your voice, the tone while you speak and the how you are speaking is very important. There are special yoga poses which helps to regulate the voice and also helps you in building strong and bold voice.

46. Yoga for Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be the worst embarrassing trouble ever. You can be benefited with yoga which helps in treating your uneven patchy skin. Practice yoga and avoid consumption of alcohol is what you can do to get rid out of it.

47. Yoga for Paralysis

Paralysis is a stage where on part or one side of the body does not function. It is a condition where the brain and the body do not connect to each other. Gently performing yoga can help to build a bridge between the body organs and partially treat them.

48. Yoga for Body Pain

Body pain is the most common problem faced by most of the women, right from back pain to abdomen pain. Yoga helps to treat niggling pains of joints and leaves your mind and body relaxed.

49. Yoga for Weight Gain

The chief point of an underweight person is being malnourished and not getting the vital proteins important for body. There is no other remedy as better as yoga which helps to gain weight.

5. Helps to Release Tension in Limbs

There are few unusual habits due to contraction and expansion of limbs which may lead to chronic tension and soreness in body parts. When you practice yoga you will be able to hold and release tension which relaxes your limbs.

Yoga is not just exercise; it can give you a new life. Have a happy yoga day.

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