25 Amber Tamblyn Hairstyles – Latest Hairstyles & Haircuts

amber tamblyn hairstyles

Do you get fascinated by the different and trendy hairstyles of celebrities? Here are the latest hairstyles and haircuts of the famous Hollywood celebrity actress Amber Tamblyn that she showed up at various events and celebrations. Amber Tamblyn was born in Santa Monica, California. She is an American actress and as well as a writer. She won a Saturn Award for her performance in ‘Joan of Arcadia’. 

This talented actress appears in various different hairstyles and haircuts in many events that inspired most of her fans to give it a try. Amber loves to present herself with cute gorgeous hairstyles that suit well with all of her outfits. Let us explore some of her fabulous hairstyles and haircuts.

25 Amber Tamblyn Hairstyles – Latest Hairstyles & Haircuts

1. Amber Tamblyn In A Side Parted Loose Waves Hairstyle


This side parted loose waves shoulder-length hairstyle looks so elegant and simple on Amber Tamblyn. She paired this hairstyle with the deep slit neck green dress. Amber Tamblyn looks cute and adorable with this blonde hair wavy hairstyle.

2. Messy Half Updo Waves With Side Swept Highlighted Fringes


Amber Tamblyn appeared in this super messy half updo wavy hairstyle. The side-swept highlighted fringes add gorgeousness to this American actress. This messy half updo wavy hair looks amazingly splendid.

3. Glorious Messy Brunette Updo Hairstyle With Bangs


This super gorgeous messy updo with bangs hairstyle looks lovely on Amber. This messy brunette tousles goes well with her black dress.

4. Amber In Straight Hair With Bangs


These bangs look cute on her and suit well for her rounded face. Amber popped up with an easy shoulder length carefree straight hair with bangs that really elevates her cuteness. This hairstyle is the easiest and go-to hairstyle that everyone can try and rock.

5. Side Swept Shoulder Length Feather Cut


This talented actress cuts her hair to shoulder length leaving it carefree and loose. The side-parted highlighted fringes make her look more adorable. This straight side-swept shoulder-length hairstyle is popular among most celebrities.

6. Straight Hair With Blunted Ends


Amber looks super cool and casual in this hairstyle. This medium-length tresses are blow-waved smooth at the ends which gives wavy end tresses. This casual and simple hairstyle turned out great with her floral printed shirt.

7. Amber Tamblyn In A Cool Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle


This is the Hollywood famous hairstyle that every actress flaunts at least once. Amber rocks this 90’s college hairstyle by side swept bangs and some highlighted fringes on both sides. This medium length side swept away hairstyle elevates her jaw bone line making her look so bold and beautiful

8. Amber Flaunting In Layered Cut Tresses


The medium to long layer cut around the back and sides adds a neat and finished look. The ends are blow-dried that looks wavy. Amber flaunts this lovely layered wavy end hairstyle paired with a black shirt.

9. Layered Wavy Tresses


Amber showed up at an event cascading her layered wavy tresses. The long layers are cut around the sides and back of this mane, then loose waves are added from mid-length to end to give a more voluminous look to this hairstyle. This face-framing layered wavy tresses look pretty adorable on Amber.

10. Amber’s Side Swept Deep Layers With Twisted Ends


Amber matched this appealing hairstyle with the gorgeous deep-neck red dress. The medium to long layers are deep cut and the ends are blow-dried and twisted. This beautiful actress appeared wonderful and superb on this side swept face framing deep layered with twisted ends hairstyle.

11. Amber In Gorgeous Curls


The long-length hair is curled from the roots and the ends are stiffened. She made an appearance with this hairstyle paired up with the strapless dress that went well. This vintage gorgeous curls hairstyle suits her stunning look.

12. Long Straight Hair With Wavy Ends And Asymmetrical Bangs


Amber was spotted having a cute asymmetrical bangs hairstyle with long straight tresses to complement her casual look. The mane is straight along the length of the hair and the tousled loose waves are added at the ends. The asymmetrical bangs on her forehead and side curtains give a casual look.

13. Amber Tamblyn’s Face-framing Long Layer Cut


This is a long layered face framing hair cut which is perfect to frame her round face. The fine tresses are layered well and the ends are blow-dried and loosely twisted for smooth finishing. The face-framing long layer cut becomes the most popular trendier hairstyle.

14. Charming Long Wavy Tresses With Full Bangs Suits Amber Well


Amber often made her appearance with a full bangs hairstyle. A long wavy mane and full bangs which cover her forehead are so cute and adorable on this super talented actress. This bangs hairstyle enhances her chubby round face.

15. Wavy Lob Cut


Amber was once spotted looking fabulous with a dark beige blonde wavy lob haircut. Tighter waves are added to the side parted above the shoulder-length mane. This classic cut gives her a vintage style look.

16. Amber Tamblyn In Longs Curls With Bangs


The Hollywood super actress showed off her long curls with full bangs hairstyle complementing her deep-neck green vintage dress. The perfectly curled ringlets and the forehead covering full bangs give her that alluring classic look.

17. Side Parted Twisted Tousled Hairstyle


This simple yet beautiful hairstyle goes well on Amber Tamblyn. Her gorgeous shoulder to medium-length mane is curl twisted at the ends. This easy hairstyle makes Amber look attractive and beautiful.

18. Medium Straight Half Down Hairstyle


This is a half-down side swept fringes hairstyle in medium straight mid length hair. This hairstyle looks amazing on Amber. The side-swept fringes are more pretty and this hairstyle suits all the events.

19. Shoulder Length Carefree Blonde Hair Of Amber


This is a carefree shoulder-length blonde hairstyle that looks stunning and tremendous on Amber. The messy flyaways and the wavy ends of this hairstyle are absolutely beautiful.

20. Amber’s Chic Straight Blonde Highlighted Free Hair


Amber looks elegant and graceful in this flat straight hair. The shoulder-length hair is side parted and a few hair strands are blonde highlighted adding lusciousness to the look.

21. Tamblyn’s Side Swept Blonde Updo


This is a side-swept updo hairstyle in her blonde hair. This new hairstyle on Amber makes her appear classically beautiful and fabulous. This pattern fits well with her modern outfit.

22. Amber In Casual Loose Waves Free Hair


The famous actress rocks her casual and on-the-go hairstyle when she was spotted. The side-parted hair with some blonde highlighted strands look’s crazily brilliant. The fine hair is layered cut and the ends look smooth and slightly wavy.

23. Medium Length Lovely Wavy Locks


Amber looks really adorable and cute in this wavy locks with side-swept fringes. The beautiful actress styled this chic loose wavy locks with her trendy glamorous outfit. This hairstyle intensifies her charming round-shaped face.

24. Amber’s Ravishing Tight Wavy Locks


This hairstyle is all about having tight wavy tousled tresses. This new hairstyle on Amber is different from her usual bangs hairstyle. The free hair with tight curly waves makes her look tremendously ravishing.

25. Face Framing Freestyle Layer Cut


This look is super elegant and wondrous on Amber. The medium-length tress is layer cut along the sides and back with face-framing loose waves. This slight loose waves hairstyle always looks great and astonishing on this wonderful actress.