23 Surprising Everyday Uses for Baby Powder You Never Knew About

baby powder uses

Baby powder or the sweet smelling powders have in numerous uses other than softening your beautiful skin. Baby powder is generally one of the most important items which ever girl considers in her own shelf. Many have the habit to carry them along with themselves in purse, just for the reason, “you never know the power of this sweet smelling powder”. Let us read to know some surprising baby powder uses have a look!

23 Surprising Everyday Baby Powder Uses:

The best part of baby powder is they are available in cheaper rates, and off course you are never disappointed with the quantity. Meanwhile, have a look at some of the extra ordinary uses of baby powder.

1. Helps to Give You Blister Free Feet’s:

Wearing a heel is another story, and once you have worn your high inches, you would rather consider this as the toughest story. The shoe bite is the common outcome after you wear heels for prolongs time, or sometime because of various other reasons you are left with blisters on feet. At such time, you can apply baby powder to the shoe a night before. This helps to soften the sole of the sandals.

2. Helps to Remove Sand:

If you ever headed to beach, than make it sure you always have baby powder with you. Baby powder helps to remove the sand stuck on your body and cloths. Just dab little of baby powder in your hand, and apply it on the sand covered area. The powder will make it much easier to brush off.

3. As a Dry Shampoo:

Most of them use the real dry shampoo, and waste enough of their money to get them back again and again. One of the most inexpensive dry shampoos at home can be your baby powder. Baby powder helps to soak the excessive oil on your scalp. So, the next time you got an oily scalp you just need to dab baby powder on your scalp.

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4. Prevent Chafing:

If you are a runner, and you prefer to run more often in summer than you can suffer from chafing. Baby powder will help to prevent chafing, so the next time you can sprinkle it on the area you often chaff. If you are a person who sweats a lot, than make sure you apply baby powder after regular internals to prevent sweating and chafing at same time.

5. Helps to Keep Precious Ornaments:

Have you ever observed many of the people keep jewellery in a box packed with powder? This is because baby powder helps to maintain the shine on the jewellery and also avoid it coming in contact with air or water. You can also keep you old, diamond or artificial jewellery in a box filled with baby powder.

6. Helps to Untangle Jewellery:

This sweet smelling powder helps to untangle your entangled jewellery. So, the next time you get tangles on your necklaces, you need to grab this sweet smelling powder. Dab the baby powder on your necklace, without avoiding the hooks of the chain. Leave it for some time, and then you can untangle them all.

7. Helps to Loosen Playing Cards:

If you have not played for long, than the cards tend to stick to each other and sometimes become hard to get separated from each other. At such time, you can sprinkle little of baby powder between the cards and shuffle them again. Baby powder helps to separate all of them easily.

8. Can be Used as Carom Powder:

While most of the people prefer the basic carom powder, I prefer to use baby powder. If you thought, baby powder was light in density and hence it would allow the coins to swap here and there sooner, than you are wrong. Baby powder works exactly same as the carom powder, and gives you results no other than it.

9. Easy Waxing:

You might have observed the beautician always applies baby powder on your legs and hands before waxing. Even when you go for your eyebrow’s done, you can get the same experience. This is because powder helps to make the waxing easy, and does not leads to unwanted red marks on the skin.

10. Acts as Ant Repellent:

Baby powder works as an excellent ant repellent and also works on other bugs like pest. Just sprinkle a bit around your window panes, in the cracks on your floors, or even around your picnic blanket. The ants can’t cross the powder so you’ll be safe from those little pests as long as you are inside the baby powder line.

11. Freshens your Mouldy Old Books:

Just like me, if you have the passion to collect books and save it on your book shelves, after some years you would be left with some old and mouldy looking books. You can freshen up all your old books by just spraying little of baby powder on them, or sometimes each page.

12. Freshen your Wardrobe:

I don’t know how, but most of the wardrobes offer a pungent pathetic smell of chemicals every time, you open them. And many of them look musty too. So, if your cupboard looks sick like this, then you need some baby powder in your hand. Sprinkle it on the corners of the cupboard and leave it.

13. Helps to Freshen your Sheets:

Most of even sweat while sleeping, but sometime we cannot blame you it is because of the extremely hot weather. Due to such problems, you are generally inclined to wash your sheets much often because you leave back the sweat stains. To keep your bed sheet go longer and cooler, you can dab some baby powder to the sheets.

14. Helps to Control Sweat:

The importance of baby powder cannot be overlooked by a person, who suffers the problem of sweating. If he continuously sweats, we recommend them to use baby powder. For it’s this quality, most of them use baby powder in underarms so that it controls the sweat and make them feel cool.

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15. Removes Smell:

Baby powder helps to remove smell, in case you have a pet in your house. The pet odour tends to get mixed with the air sooner, and you can feel it everywhere. To neutralize the odour, you can use baby powder and sprinkle it all around in small quantities.

16. Helps to Keep your Sheets Cool:

You can dab some baby power over your sheets so that they are cool in hot summer days.

17. Helps to Treat Skin Problems:

Dabbing some baby powder over skin helps to treat various skin problems. You just need to apply all over body to prevent itching.

18. Helps to Hide Stains:

If you have got any tea stains over cloth or dress, you can make it appear lighter by dabbing some powder over it.

19. Acts As a Dry Shampoo:

Baby powder helps to remove oil from scalp and acts as a dry shampoo.

20. Helps to Entangle your Chain:

Baby powder helps entangle your tangled chain. Next time you encounter problem while doing so, allow the chain to stay in baby powder for some time.

21. Helps to Make your Car Smell Good:

Using baby powder and dabbing some of it over car and its chair can help to make your car smell really good.

22. Alternative to Foundation:

If you are missing foundation at home, you can alternatively use baby powder. It works equally well to make your face look glowing and bright.

23. Helps to Freshen up Flowers:

Dabbing some baby powder over dead flowers help to freshen them up and make them look better and good.

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