Top 12 Beauty Benefits of African Black Soap for Skin & Hair

benefits of black soap

Black soap is also known as African black soap and you would know many people around who are completely obsessed with black soap. The African black soap is a gentle soap not like rest chemically made soap which helps to clean the dirt from the body and is also absorbed by the blood mainstream. Surprisingly, black soap is used as an all cleanser alternative, as they are very potent on skin due to abundant anti oxidants in it. Here, we state you some important benefits of black soap.

Beauty Benefits of Black Soap

All the black soap is used for acne prone skin and is extremely beneficial over troubled skin too. The main ingredient used in black soap is Shea butter which is a very important ingredient in keeping the skin smooth, moist and also hydrated all the time.

1. Suits for All Skin Types

African black soap is also considered as a magical soap which is extremely beneficial for all type of skin. For dry skin users, black soap helps to hydrate the skin well, for troubled skin it helps to calm down the irritation and soothe the skin. Good news for people with acne prone skin, black soap helps to reduce acne on the face and also gives you smooth skin. It can be used twice a day like rest other soaps and if the soap leaves your skin over dried, apply some moisturizer on the skin.

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2. Gives Even Tone

Not anyone and everyone are blessed with even tone skin. Using black soap can help to give you an even tone skin, which means it helps to remove the dead cells from the skin. Because of the vitamins and minerals in the soap, it can be used on the hands, legs and face too which helps to equally tone the skin.

3. Heals Skin Problem

There are many chances that your skin contracts diseases and suffer from fungal injections. Black soap helps to heal the skin problem due to its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It helps to control the extra oil on the face, which does not lead to further breakouts on the skin. Because of these qualities, people suffering from any skin disease especially eczema and psoriasis use it regularly on skin.

4. Used on Oily Skin

Due to increase in the level of oil in the body, the face starts releasing oil through various ways and one such example is having too much oil on the face. Yes, natural oil is extremely beneficial on face to keep it naturally moisturized and nourished, but too much is never wanted. Using black soap helps to control the excess oil on the face making it appear soft, smooth and perfectly toned.

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5. Acne Prone Skin

Black soap is made out of honey and Shea butter which helps to control acne on the skin and also heals the scars on the face mostly caused due to acne. Being enriched with organic honey it contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which helps to decrease the chances of bacteria on the skin. It also treats the clogged pores which are the primary reasons to pop out acne on face.

6. Helps to Remove Makeup

As mentioned before, black soap is gentle on skin which helps to remove makeup from the skin. It is must to remove makeup from the face and never let it stay on the face overnight. Makeup leads to impurities and dirt on the face, which leads to further breakdown on the face.

7. Effective Exfoliate

Black soap is an excellent exfoliates which helps to scrub the skin well and removes the dead cells effectively. This is possible because of the ashes in the soap.

8. Alleviate Razor Bumps

You have a common experience of bumps, if you have been shaving your legs and hands. Not only for women, is using black soap for men also a remedy which helps to alleviate the razor bumps while shaving. It prevents the razor cut due to the essential oil, butter and honey present in them.

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9. Prevents Premature Ageing

Using African black soap on skin regularly helps to send anti oxidants to the skin which prevents pre mature ageing on the face. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It does not stop the ageing process completely, but it reduces the chances.

10. Cleans Hair

Yes, black soap is not only useful for the skin but also for hair. It helps to deep clean the scalp removing the dirt and impurities from the scalp. Using black soap would not give you puffy and volumised hair, but surely would promise to enhance the texture, and make them grow black and shiner.

11.Protects From Humidity

Hair tends to lose its luxurious texture due to the humidity content on the scalp. Humidity creates an unfavorable condition in the scalp which does not allow the hair follicles to grow. It also leads to weaken the roots which further leads to hair loss. Using black soap helps to retain the moisture content on the scalp enhancing the growth of hair and also making the roots grow healthy.

12. Enhances the Hair Growth

Who does not want long, shiny and lustrous looking hair? With those chemical filtered shampoos we cannot achieve this target of us. Getting a black and long hair is no more a dream. You can use black soap which helps the hair follicles grow stronger, cleans the scalp deeply, moisturizes it well and also combats the problems of hair fall. Black soap can also be used a natural conditioner which helps to enhance the hair growth.

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Ingredients Used in Making Black Soap

  • Various oils which includes palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter ,palm kernel oil and water
  • Ashes from various plants, including Shea tree bark, cocoa pods, banana trees, plantain leaves and Shea butter by products

How to Store

Due to high content of glycerin in the soap, it gets easily absorbed in the atmosphere if kept open. Therefore, it is always advised to store them in dry container or use a plastic bag and seal it completely, so that the soap do not comes in contact to the air. Softening of soap is absorbed if they are kept open and not sealed properly.

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