9 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water You Didn’t Know About

Benefits of Cucumber Water

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What is Great about Cucumber Water?

Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, calcium, Vitamin K and Potassium. Drinks apart from water are filled with calories but this refreshing drink will steer out the toxins out of the body.

Choosing the Right Cucumber

The cucumber should be solid and not wrinkled. The color should be of medium green to dark green. It is advisable to buy organic cucumbers as they will be free from metal contamination. Supposing you get a waxed cucumber, peel off the skin and then use it.

How to make?

This drink is very easy to make. The cucumber should be sliced and soaked in water overnight, and the refreshing drink will be ready in the morning. The flavor of the water when cucumber is added to it will make a person consume extra than usual.

Here are a few Benefits of Cucumber Water

1. Improves Bone Health

Vitamin K stimulates healthy blood circulation in the body. It also promotes a speedy recovery after an injury, by breaking the blood clots. Complementing yourself with vitamin K promotes bone health, as it triggers the needed proteins for the development of healthy bone tissue.

2. Keeps Hydrated

Human body requires plenty of liquid to be appended every day to stay energetic. Also, to maintain a stable body temperature and cardiovascular system, intake of liquid is necessary. The intake of cucumber water will prove as an enhanced level of drinking water and boost the metabolism and could do wonders in your body.

3. Adds Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Water is plain in nature. It does not possess any minerals or vitamins included in it. When cucumber is added to this plain water, the water will turn out to be a healthy one.

4. Trims down the BP level

High Blood Pressure will put a person at the risk of heart problems. Cucumber is rich in potassium, which has the ability to keep the blood pressure at bay. Not just blood pressure, kidney problems and stroke could also be kept away with the help of cucumber water.

5. For a Healthy Skin

From the skin’s perspective, cucumber could be used in two ways – internally and externally. Since, cucumber has a good amount of silica content in it. The water could provide a glowing skin internally and the soaked cucumber when applied on the skin externally could get rid of acne redness.

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6. Cuts Down Cravings

Cucumber water can help to reduce weight too. Needless eating will boost weight gain. So whenever there is unwanted hunger, the tummy can be satisfied with this cucumber drink. This water will also cleanse the gut by removing unwanted calories present in the body.

7. Cancer Curator

Cucurbitacins are identified as a cancer remedy as it kills the cancer cells and prevent their growth. This fact is published in the International Journal of Health Sciences, in the year 2013. Cucumber is rich in cucurbitacins. Also, as per a study conducted by The American Journal of Epidemiology, adequate intake of this liquid reduces the chance of developing urinary cancer.

8. Aging in Style

Adequate intake of cucumber water will keep the skin clear and supple, even when the age is increasing. It will help cure any kind of inflammation that is caused on the skin and provides with a healthy skin which is free from any blemishes. The skin will be strong even when the age increases.

9. Brain is Protected

Fisetin, a flavonol compound is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. Cucumber water is rich in fisetin. This also has the ability to increase the memory power. When age increases, the neurons will start to shrink, but regular drinking of this water will keep the brain stay energetic and reduces the mental declines caused by age.

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