70 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

cute things to say to your girlfriend

It is often said, actions speak louder than words but this is not true every time. Sometimes, you need to speak louder and something more with your words, in order to maintain a spark and love in relationship. There are different ways and things to say to your girlfriend that will make her understand and realize how much you love him. Among all, saying ‘I love you’ is the most common thing that every couple say to each other which helps to declare their love in the most appropriate way. Being word conscious, girls always pay attention to what you think about her, say to her and how you compliment her. So, here is the help guide to you all the boyfriends on cute things to say to your girlfriend. So, have a look at some sweet things that you can say to your lovely lover.

70 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. If I was allowed you to describe in one short word, it would be the word ‘love’

2. You have the power to take my breath out and still make my heart beat.

3. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

4. God has sent an angel overnight and that angel is no one but you.

5. I love you the way you are and no don’t need to change at all.

6. Believe it or not but you are the desire of my soul.

7. I always dreamt about getting a girl like you and you have been my dream girl.

8. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think about is you.

9. You take my breaths away and I love the way you do it.

10. I love the way on how to solve my problems before asking you for help.

11. You power to understand me is just awesome and I love the way to understand me before

raising my voice.

12. I need nothing but only and only U

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13. I have given my heart to you, and I believe you would keep it safe.

14. My heart is a happier place and the only reason is you.

15. I have always dreamt about you, and so you are my dream girl.

16. When I look at your eyes, my heart skips a beat always.

17. You make me feel like an excited little child always happy and jumping, when I am with you.

18. Did you know what makes my morning every day? It is your voice, your sweet voice.

19. I will strive and strive and spend rest of my life, making you happy.

20. The only luxurious thing I ever had in my life is “you”

21. You cute little smile makes me melt.

22. I just wanna grow old with you, no matter what.

23. You made me weak on knees from the time I met you.

24. Life is beautiful just because you are here.

25. You have always been my inspiration and it is you who drives me every time.

26. I want to see the world holding your hands.

27. The moment you walk into my walk, I go mad, speechless and breathless.

28. I fear to suffer from diabetes, because you are so sweet.

29. You made my dreams come true.

30. After I met you, I realised love is nice, beautiful and so caring.

31. I cannot dream to live without you.

32. Spending time with you always form some beautiful moments to be remembered in my


33. If love was a sweet cup of coffee, I would like to drink it all.

34. God must have been proud when he create you, and I am sure he flaunted off his creation.

35. You deserve the world but if you world meant me, I would give all that I could.

36. I declare you to be a thief as you stole my heart and mind.

37. I just love the way to smell and this is surprising!

38. You know, I feel to be lucky enough to have a angel like you in my heart.

39. After you have walked in my life, you made me believe in true soul mates.

40. How do you manage to take away from sadness so brilliantly?

41. I love the way to run towards me and huge my life.

42. I always wanted to say you I love you, but I thought appreciation was worth saying you.

43. You are like the fresh breeze that blows away my mind, heart and ideas.

44. I am thankful to god for creating you and sending to me.

45. When I touch you, I feel myself weak and there are shivers down my body.

46. You have enlightened my soul.

47. I did not believe in luck, but you made me believe in this.

48. I want to say this – You drive me crazy every time you look at me.

49. Every time I meet you, it feels we are here again for the first time.

50. I still remember and mesmerise the day when I saw you first.

51. Yes, It is only because of you I believe in love at my sight.

52. You are my addiction and I won’t mind getting over drugged by you.

53. You are my love and you reflect my whole world.

54. You are the most valuable treasure in my life.

55. If everything was materialistic, I would love to decorate you with stones, diamonds and

precious stones.

56. When you are around me, nothing else matters to me.

57. I feel the warmth of your love every time, when you hugged me.

58. I love every birth of you and would love to cherish every day.

59. I feel myself high as hell because your love acted like a poison on me.

60. I cannot stop reaming about you.

61. Other than being my soul mate, did you realise you are the only best friend in my life.

62. You are not fat not fit but whatever you wear are brilliant.

63. Your smile seems to be heaven in my life.

64. While the world celebrates valentine day one day in a year, I celebrate all the days with you.

65. I want to kiss every inch of you and I hope that day comes soon.

66. You come so close to perfection which is just unbelievable.

67. I just get lost in your beautiful eyes.

68. I have never met a person as beautiful, as kind hearted and as caring like you.

69. I wish I would never allow you to go anywhere else.

70. You are the only reason, why my heart feels so perfect and my life feels so complete.

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