Does Egg Help to Increase Breast Size?

Does Egg Help to Increase Breast Size

Consumption of eggs has no direct correlation with breast growth. But eggs are rich in protein and lipid which builds fat cells. These fat cells can help the breasts grow naturally. But these alone do not work unless combined with exercises. Read on to know more about it.

Eggs for Breast Growth

Eggs have monosaturated fats and gaining healthy fat is crucial for breast growth. Such fats enhance the metabolism rate besides promoting breast growth. Here are some recipes to try:

1. Egg, Honey, and Condensed Milk

  • Combine egg with honey and condensed milk, Steam this mixture and consume.
  • This will even help people who are trying to put on weight as it is rich in lipid, protein, and nutrients that help in developing the breast cells.
  • For those who want to avoid belly fat deposition, this has to be consumed in lunch or breakfast instead of dinner.

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2. Egg Yolk and Cotton Seeds Paste:

  • 1-2 egg yolk can be taken with some cotton seeds to make this paste, which has to be applied to the breast and left for a few hours.
  • Then, wash it with some warm water. This has to be followed by massaging breasts with coconut oil.

3. Cucumber and Egg Yolk:

  • This combination results in toned and moisturized skin.
  • To create the homogenous mixture, take a small cucumber, an egg yolk, and a teaspoon of coconut cream.
  • This has to be applied to the breast and left for 30 minutes, rinsed, and repeated two times a week.
  • It will gradually make the tissue breasts grow firm.

4. Egg White:

  • Beat an egg white to get a foamy texture and apply on the breasts for half an hour.
  • Then rinse the skin with onion juice. This has to be followed by passing cold water for reactivating cells.
  • Finish this with a hydrating cream to make the tissues healthier.

Apart from nutrition, genetics also have some effect on the breast growth of an individual. People may resort to implants, supplements, silicone breast enhancers but the best among the available treatments is an exercise that is not only affordable but safe too.

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