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7 Effective Exercises To Tone Butt

Program for the shapely, tight and sexy back. Fights relaxation and flaccidity, bring targeted muscle toning, tightening and loss of points, farming the desired curves. The anatomical structure of the pelvic bone, in particular, contains the genetic feature, unique to each woman and cannot be changed except during pregnancy. So, even if your pelvis is wide enough and your, Body type “pear” as most of Greek Women, you can also improve the size, shape and ultimately the overall picture of your rear. Combining a balanced diet for obtaining normal weight, physically active lifestyle to increase combustion, aerobic exercise to reduce fat deposits and focused gluteal exercises to properly worked muscle tissue.

7 Effective Exercises to Tone Butt:

1. Alternating leg Deadlift to Mobilize fats

Without moving from your seat, you get up alternately with legs bent towards your chest as high as you can, while you get up each time the opposite hand, bent forward and up. Rate relatively fast with breathing free.

Easier variations:
  • Keep hands down, not up and down, Lifting legs to a lesser height.
  • Perform a slower pace, Touching a fit-ball (large exercise ball) Wall and firmly supports your back to it as you do the deadlift feet. You run a loose ground.
Tougher variations:
  • You use dumbbells legs or hold dumbbells in hands. You get up the nose of the tread in that lean time.
  • Combine the leg deadlift with moving forward.
  • Do you do exercise “hopping”, that is the bounce, either with the feet on the floor or on a wide pillow, mattress, trampoline, balloon etc. 

2. Squat – hand pressure

Accelerates combustion

  • Keeping legs quite open and hold two light dumbbells (or two equal size filled bottles) at shoulder height.
  • Bend the knees and lower them to the thighs come in parallel to the floor.
  • Then stretch legs and arms, so that the weights to be lifted above the head.
  • Bending legs and hands back to its original position.
  • Relatively shift to fast pace by Exhaling on the effort.
Easier variations:
  • The slow pace of implementation, without dumbbells. Less flexing of the feet.
  • You’re only squat (no pressure).You’re the first squat, all iterations after the pressures.
Tougher variations:
  • Lowered to almost lunge. Instead of dumbbells use rubber (in your step with the feet).
  • Sit instant seat in the body lowering.
  • After the pressure of the hands lean on finger tips.
  • Performs the opposite movement, that bends the legs as it is raised dumbbells and tense walk when bringing back shoulders. 

3. Heave step

Fights relaxation and flaccidity

  • Hold a light weight dumbbell in each hand.
  • Place the left foot on a step or stair steppers fitness or loose stool, height about 20 cm not higher.
  • Up and down the step with the left foot, you finish the required repetitions and you continue to the right.
  • At the balance climbing well and lifting the thigh of the other leg to the height of the abdomen and exhaling the effort.
Easier variations:
  • Smaller height step. Without dumbbells in hands.
  • Without lifting the other leg high up (just go up and down).
  • Implementation of repetitions alternately.
Tougher variations:
  • Increase your distance from the rung.Greater heights stair – attention knees!
  • You’re bending or lateral lifting hands during climbing.
  • Raising and lowering a throw – the step next to you, on the side and not in front of you 

4. Views in step

Creates attractive curves

  • Stand upright on 2-3 soles of the step.
  • Make a step and steadily step on the tread the step.
  • Bend the knee and lower hips.
  • Remain for a while in this position and then reset.
  • Repeat with the another leg andbreath freely.
Easier variations:
  • You make projections without a step in the usual way in which the foot rests on the floor.
  • Reduce the distance from the rung.Bend the front leg less.
Tougher variations:
  • Run all repetitions with one foot and then the other.Placement round rubber on the legs.
  • Weights in the hands.Greater outreach at a greater pace.
  • After step elevates your whole body on the step as in exercise # 3. 

5. Views backwards

Sculpts buns

  • Starting from the straight position, make a relatively large step backward, bend the legs and lower your body.
  • Reverse the motion and returns to its original position.
  • Repeat same with the other leg andbreath freely.
Easier variations:
  • You make smaller stride length.Less bent knees.
  • Keep hands loosely on the body side and not to mediate.
  • Use slip mat of especial gymnastics or simple parquet and slide it back and forth.
Tougher variations:
  • Hold weights in the hands. Place the legs around rubber (or denies a long knot hose).
  • Perform all reps on one leg and then the other.
  • Only stepping backward (without reset), covering a fairly large distance.
  • Perform combinations of three or more types of projections, for example, you can project the leg backward and bring back then forward and sideways. 

6. Imitation climbing

Dissolves flab restructures the outline

  • Lean able foot with body tightened.
  • Bend one leg and bring it to the chest.
  • Then tense back and bring back to starting position.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
  • You keep the repetitions alternately.
  • Rate relatively fast, breathing free.
Easier variations:
  • Support the knees and on the palms.Use slip mat.
  • Perform all reps on one leg and then the other, so you maintain your balance with less effort. Do this exercise lying on your back for work easily.
Tougher variations:
  • You use dumbbells or rubber feet for greater resistance.
  • Lay a fit-ball wall, lean your palms on it, support your body well and do the leg movements.
  • Bend tense both feet together with or without bouncing.
  • Make 3-4 reps with each. 

7. Pelvic lift

Tightens and lifts the rear

  • Lift the pelvis up to the body to form a straight line from shoulders to knees.
  • Tightens the buttocks and remains stationary measuring from 1.001 to 1.003.
  • Lower them to the starting position and repeat.
  • Exhaling in lifting, an inspiration to reset.
Easier variations:
  • Resting his hands on the floor, right-left torso.
  • Raises the bowl to a smaller amount.
  • Not lower the bowl until it touches the floor.
  • Tightens the buttocks for less time.
Tougher variations:
  • Heave pelvis gradually and whenever the upload at about 5/100 immobilize your body by tightening the buttocks.
  • It is placed in front of the basin dumbbell or heavy book or hose and support with your hands.
  • It is held between the thighs a towel folded several times or ring Pilates (ring) or small rubber ball.
  • Do the exercise with your feet on a chair or with legs propped on fit-ball.

 If any exercise causes discomfort thee or not you are sure to run correctly, replace it with an easier variant.

For even better results, After completing gluteus muscle exercises, dedicate 15-20 minutes in cardiovascular exercises like Walking, jogging, stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, skipping ropes, dance. Recovery ends with relaxation and gentle stretching for atleast 5 minutes.


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7 Effective Exercises To Tone Butt
Program for the shapely, tight and sexy back. These 7 Effective Exercises To Tone Butt target the muscle toning, tightening and firming the desired curves.

Written by: Beatuy Epic

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Beauty Epic is the Beauty Network that sets a new level of trust and honesty in beauty info. We are driven by a commitment to improve women's lives by covering daily breakthroughs in beauty, Lifestyle and Health.