17 Surprising Facts About Breasts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Since, the history says breast can be so fun and fabulous, how can we forget to include the amazing facts about breast. Being the most important part of a women life’s we still remain un awaken towards various real facts about it. Despite being, one of the most popular talks between man and women, it still backs a backseat with respect to actual acknowledgement and facts. So, today we speak about the most amazing facts about breast.

Surprising Facts About Breast:

1. Spoiling Shape of Breast:

Did you know that you probably spoiling the shape of your breasts because you are sleeping on your stomach? Study suggests that sleeping sideways and also by placing a pillow under your breasts while sleeping can give them additional support.

2. To Wear or Not Wear Bra:

While many of us believe that wearing bra at night is extremely important, 21st century speaks and supports for a girl sleeping without bra at night. But in general and reality, there is no hard and fast rule about wearing bra at night or not. You just need to make sure that your bra is not very tight to cause discomfort.

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3. Largest Pair of Breast:

So, did you always desired to know who owns the largest pair of breasts in the world? The answer to your query is Sheyla Hershey from Texas. After nine painful surgeries, today her breasts size is 38KKK.

4. Who Are The Victims of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer can happen to anyone and everyone. Various famous women who have battled breast cancer include, Brigitte Bardot, Suzanne Somers,Sheryl Crow, Kylie Monogue, Olivia Newton-John Kathy Bates, Ann Jillian, Kate Jackson, and Dihann CarrollGloria Steinem, , Peggy Fleming, Carly FiorinaDawn Upshaw, Betty Ford, Judy Blume, , Melissa Etheridge, HodaKotb, Robin Roberts, Joan Lunden, GiulianaRancic, Dorothy Hamill.

5. Orgasm Through Nipple Stimulation:

This is not surprising, but most of the study says, a woman can actually have orgasm with nipple stimulation alone. 29% of women in US have orgasm through nipple stimulation as men have now learned how to stimulate them.

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6. Staring at breast:

Ok, so according to a study, only and only 20 per cent of men look at your face and the other 80 per cent look at our breasts when you meet them the first time. The most motivating fact here is staring at a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes uninterruptedly has the identical result on men as half an hour of aerobic activity. This means, they will live longer.

7. Wrong Bra size:

On a general note, on average 85 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size. We are not sure about the reason but it maybe because they are too embarrassed to ask about their size or sometime they wish to flatter themselves with the wrong sized bra. So please grab a measuring tape and get a perfect measure of yourself.

8. Types of Breast Cancer:

There are many different types of breast cancer where most of them are not discovered. However about treatment, certain drugs that treat one type of cancer do not work with others.

9. Slightest Manipulation of Women While Talking About Sex:

Irrespective about the type of women you are, according to study of 2006, 82 per cent women are turned on by the slightest manipulation of their breasts while talking about sex or just watching a erotic scene.

10. Increasing the Size of Your Breast:

In reality, you actually cannot increase the size of your breast naturally. This can be achieved through cosmetic surgery or a method called botox. Other ways to increase the size of your breast is performing yoga. It can help a little with your problem. You might argue that sometimes your breast size does increase even when you are lactating, but then the weakness is you get a absolute saggy breasts too.

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11. When you Grow, Breast Becomes Simply Fat Bags:

While you are in your younger days, your tender breasts are surely a store house of milk glands, fats and collagen. But after you have reached a certain age, your breasts are simply fat bags and this can be the reason, when your breast tends to sag.

12. Lumps in Your Breast:

Have you ever noticed lumps in your breasts? Well, 80 per cent of the time these breast lumps are benign, but you should always visit a gynac for this problem. When you’re menstruating your breasts go through different changes like they become soft, tender or sometimes swell. So check for permanent changes which will further avoid breast cancer.

13. Women’s are Not Bothered About Breast Cancer:

A recent study exposedthat 50 per cent of women are not bothered to check themselves for breast cancer symptoms and think about the prevention and precaution. There may be various reasons from anything from being unaware or they may be scared that they really might have cancer.

14. Know About the State with Highest Number of Breast Cancer:

The state with the highest incidence of breast cancer is Massachusetts. According the United States Centres for Disease Control (CDC), and various recent studies, there are 139.5 new cases per 100,000 female residents in the state.

15. Women’s are Unhappy with Their Breast:

According to a study and recent research published in the International Journal of Sexual Health more than 70 per cent of women are always unhappy with their breasts. Either they feel they are too small or they think it’s too big. What do you think about yours?

16. A Women’s Breast Can Never be Equal:

Did you know our breasts can never be equal?So, next time if you keep starring on your breast and they appear to be smaller and bigger, you can probably thank god for them to be normal. Yes, girls they are absolutely normal.

17. Know About the Largest and Smallest Size of Bra:

The largest bra size is an L, and the smallest is an AAA. Ok, did not heard about AAA? It actually exists. And about the L size, it was made available since 2011.

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