20 Interesting Facts about Hair – You May Not Know

facts about hair

Whether you have a black hair or blonde, long or short these shocking facts of hair apply to each one of them. Just like we all have our own particular characteristics, hair too follow a certain trend and follow a particular behavior. Believe me; the facts are really weird and shocking! So get ready to be amused by the most shocking facts about hair.

20 Interesting Facts About Hair:

1. How much hair do you shed out when you are combing your hair or probably having shower? For me, when I see more than 3-7 hair strands, I feel like I having at the verge of having hair fall but the surprising fact about hair is we shed 140-150 strands of hair per day.

2. Many of us opt to go for trimming every month or probably every alternate month, but the fact here is trimming can actually help to avoid split ends but in no ways it helps to boost the growth of your hair. Many believe that trimming can help to boost the hair growth, but in reality it helps to get rid of split ends which help the hair to grow without hurdles.

3. For people who thought growing hair is actually an task, you are probably right. Growing hair upto shoulder can actually take 3 long years and if you desire to grow your hair upto your waist, you really need for 7 long years. But yes, your hair grows with rapid speed if you trim off the spilt ends.

4. Did you know which the fastest growing tissue in the body is? It is the marrow and after marrow it is hair that is known to be the fastest growing tissue of the body.

5. Now you already aware about the term “keratin” as many of the latest technology with shampoo say, your shampoo is keratin based which is what your hair is actually made of. Your hair is made of keratin which is exactly the same ingredient which is found on the outer layer of your skin and also nails. After regular development of technology, it was keratin based shampoo which helped to grace the markets.

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6. One strand of hair is enough to tell various things about your hair. Hair is often used to research on how much a person used to take drugs, the vitamins in the body, the consumption of alcohol and various other things.

7. There are many differences between male and female but there is one thing which is absolutely same in both males and female. The structure of hair and even the growth cycle of hair are absolutely same in men and woman.

8. Although hair can reveal various things about a person, there is only one thing that a hair cannot reveal about a person. And that is your gender. Yes, this is true that the only thing that cannot be revealed by your hair is your gender.

9. There are 10000000 – 2000000 hair strands on an average in a person in his entire body.

10. Various studies have proved that one single hair strand can actually support 100 grams of any object in weight. If this sentence is to be further translated, that we believe that your head can actually take weight of 1 or 2 elephants.

11. Many of them believe hair grows faster in winter season due to pleasant summer. But the fact here is hair grows faster in summer season because it is the only season when heat stimulates the blood circulation in the body.

12. If you thought red head people were the luckiest one, you were wrong. There is only 1% of total population with natural red hair and the most common color is black. Study further revealed that there is 2% of the total population of people born with blonde hair.

13. Hair tends to grow anywhere in the body expect few places like your eye lids, palms of hands, feet of legs and lips. Rest all places hair can grow and people have witnessed them growing.

14. Generally people think, after losing little amount of hair you start looking bald. But actually, a person starts looking bald only after losing more than or equal to 50 per cent of hair.

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15. Recent study published in 2015 said that at any point of time, 10 per cent of your hair are resting while all others are growing.

16. While most of believe, you tend to lose your hair the most when they are wet. But expert say that your hair strand stretches by 30 per cent extra they are wet and shrinks back to the size when dried.

17. It does not take even a minute for a hair to grow just after one hair is plucked out. As soon as one hair is pulled out, another one starts growing without no second of time.

18. It is said that only 25% of total European population wash their hair everyday whereas, 90% of people from japan wash their hair twice a day.

19. What happens to your hair once your hair falls out? It usually regrows! Yes, this is true once your hair accidentally or if pulled out, falls out it can start re-growing and this can be done 20 times by a single hair strand. Which simply means, a hair strand has capacity to grow more than 20 times?

20. This is the most interesting fact about hair and its relationship with women. According to the survey done, it is believed that a woman would require at least 1 hours and 54 minutes a week to dry, wash and then style her hair. Which means, when a woman would be somewhere around 60 years of age, she had already spent seven month of her life.

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