How to Get a Flat Stomach after Pregnancy – 4 Easy Ways

flat stomach after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for many women. It brings joy and pain in equal measures especially after giving birth. During the entire nine-month period most women gain between 10 to 15 kilograms. Most of the gained fat is stored around the stomach, which can stretch the skin around the stomach. Due to this many women struggle to get back into shape after giving birth.

This has lead to many women adopting unorthodox means to lose the belly fat. Some are harmless while others can cause harm both the mother and the child. Though it’s not easy to get a flat stomach after giving birth, it is still doable. Below are some simple tips to help you get back in shape without causing harm to you or the baby.

4 Easy Ways to Get a Flat Stomach after Pregnancy

1. Breastfeeding


A breastfeeding mother loses weight faster than those that don’t. Breast milk contains a lot of calories, research shows that a breastfeeding mother burns around 800 calories a day effortlessly. Although a lactating mother needs to eat calories most of the calories are not absorbed into her body. Breastfeeding also causes the uterus to contract to its normal size.

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2. Simple Exercises

how to get flat tummy after baby

(i). Belly Breathing

breathing for flat belly

Also known as pranayama, belly breathing is a simple yet an inexpensive way of shedding the belly fat. Besides improving how your respiratory system works, deep breathing increases metabolism in the body which in return helps your body burn calories.

As we breathe deep in and out, most of the core muscles are gently stretched. This helps in toning them and burn calories around the stomach.

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(ii). Yoga Boat Pose

boat pose for flat belly

Although it may be tough to balance at first, the yoga boat pose is a very effective way of getting rid of the belly fat. It works up most of the core muscles and helps to shed off the extra fat around the stomach. Yoga boat also helps in strengthening the hips and spine. Though there are several ways of doing yoga boat. A simple yoga boat technique starts in a seated position. Gently lift both legs high as possible without resting your back on the ground. Repeat this until you get the desired results. It may be difficult at first but once you get to balance your body it becomes easy.

(iii). Crunches

crunches for flat belly

Crunches are one of the most popular and effective abdominal exercises. Not only do crunches help you lose the belly fat but also makes the core muscles around your stomach more firm. when doing crunches you need to lay flat on your back with your feet straight. Then gently lift your legs up to a 90 degree then we gently drop them. Repeat this regularly in order to get the desired results.

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3. Belly Wrapping

belly wrapping after pregnancy

Belly wrapping is one of the old but very effective ways of getting a flat belly after giving birth. It helps the uterus return to its original state faster hence giving you a flat belly faster. Besides reducing the size of the stomach belly wrappers helps in easing back pain which is common in women after giving birth.

4. Watch What You Eat

diet for flat stomach after pregnancy

As much as skipping meals may help in shedding that extra fat around the belly, food is very important in the production of breast milk. It is better to watch what you eat rather than starving yourself and the baby. Eat more vegetables since they have no calories and fat in them. Not only do vegetables help you shed extra weight they also help you maintain a healthy weight.

More fiber should also be added to the diet. Fibers help during digestion and make you full for longer hence preventing overfeeding which can cause accumulation of fat around the belly. Reduce or avoid the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. In excess, both carbohydrates and sugars are converted into fats which are stored in the body for future use.

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. Gaining less weight during pregnancy can lead to premature births or giving birth to an underweight baby while gaining too much weight is also dangerous and can harm you and the unborn child. During pregnancy, you should remain active and eat well in order to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight. Even though losing belly fat may not be easy, the time needed for you to lose the belly fat depends on the amount of weight you gained during pregnancy.

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