Stressed!! Try These Super Foods That Are Actually Proven To Beat Stress

Stress can lead to various serious healths related health problems. There are various reasons for stress in the person, where a survey reported over eating or eating more of unhealthy food leads to stress in an individual. Food you intake has tremendous impact on your body which not only results in production of bad cholesterol in the body but they further contribute in giving you stress, obesity and risk of cardiac arrest. Study has also revealed that, if it was not unhealthy food that led to stress, it was a combination of junk food and stress in an individual.
Eating junk or unhealthy food can give you pleasure and satisfy your hunger for that particular moment, but after few hours of consumption it leads to unhealthy digestion, bad bowel moment, fluctuation in mood as well as stress. It is due to synthetic ingredient it affects your body in many ways and hence you should focus more on eating healthy food. It not only helps to keep your body healthy but it also relives the stress in you. Here is the list of top 15 foods that help to relieve stress.

1. Blue Berries:

Due to large amount of anti oxidants found in this fruit, it is regarded as the healthiest food in the world. Anti oxidants helps to boost the chemical in your brain, which not only boosts the functioning of brain but it also improve your mood.

2. Dark Chocolate:

Now if you mother says, chocolate is unhealthy for you, you can give her the best answer. Consuming dark chocolate can actually stimulate your brain as well as relieves stress. Anandamide, found in chocolate is produced in the brain which blocks the feeling of sadness and tension in the body.

3. Nuts:

Eating handful of nuts everyday can help to relieve stress in a person. Nuts are packed with magnesium which helps to maintain the cortisol level in the body. If you are diet conscious, make sure you don’t eat much in quantity as they are high in calories too.

4. Broccoli:

Broccoli contains high amount of anti oxidants as well as folic acid. Folic acid found in the broccoli helps to lower the level of stress in a person. Try to include broccoli in salad with some pepper and salt. They taste yum when boiled or fried!

5. Whole Grain Bread:

Whole grain bread is high in carbohydrate which helps to boost your mood as well as relax at the same time. You can encourage more on whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and whole grain rice.

6. Salmon:

Due to high amount of omega 3 fatty acids found in this oily fish, it helps to boost the functioning of brain. Also eating salmon helps to deal with a stress in a good way.

7. Milk:

Milk contains tryptophan which is further converted into mood boosting hormone. Drinking one glass of milk everyday will help to relieve stress as well as keep you healthy. Also, milk is enriched with right amount of magnesium and calcium that helps to keep your blood pressure normal.

8. Cocoa:

You should encourage more on hot cocoa because it helps you raise your body temperature which helps to release stress from brain. Cocoa is health and tasty too, which makes it a reason to include in diet of people ranging to any age. Hot cocoa is always more beneficial and better than cold cocoa. Try to drink hot cocoa every time.

9. Black Tea:

Recently there were arguments over black tea and coffee over releasing of stress effectively. Latter according to various survey and research it was found that black tea helps to release stress 6 times better than coffee. So, try to include black tea instead of coffee.

10. Green Tea:

Because green tea is one of the healthiest foods in the world, it has to be included in the list. Due to thiamine found in the tea, it helps to reduce the anxiety level in the body as well as control the stress levels. It produces alpha waves which reduces the tension converting into beta waves.

11. Cold Water:

Drinking one glass of cold water can help to release stress. It is because drinking cold water helps to activate a hormone called endorphins in the body which further helps to relax the stress producing hormones.

12. Sugary Food:

Any sugary food with good amount of sugar in it helps to produce glucocorticoid, which is a stress hormone linked to the body. Now, you can enjoy eating sugar coated food because all they are going to do is reduce to stress level. If you are keeping a constant check on your weight, make sure you don’t eat sugar in more amounts.

13. Avocado:

Avocado is very close to be listed in world healthiest food, because of it multi benefits over body. Due to high amount of foliate acid, vitamin E and vitamin B it helps to lower the level of stress in the body. Also eating just half of avocado helps to regulate the sugar level in the body.

14. Fermented Food:

Research showed that fermented foods have a good and direct effect over brain functioning which also blocks the stress to be released. For example, people who were constantly eating yoghurt having bacteria in it lead a happy and stress free life than those who did not.

15. Leafy Vegetables:

Any green leafy vegetable from spinach up to any random green vegetable, all of them are enriched with good amount of foliate in it. Foliate helps to decrease the level of depression in a person. Eating just one bowl of leafy vegetable everyday helps to keep you fit as well as lowers the stress level in the body. Recent study showed women who ate leafy vegetable everyday were more fit and healthy than others who did not.

Next time you are stressed, gulp these foods down to experience instance change!