6 Healthy Foods That Gives You Energy Instantly

How often do you run out of breath? Are you the one who has low stamina? Fatigue and tiredness easily comes to you? If yes, you are low at your energy levels. The body is in immense need of proteins. They are responsible for your energy levels. Your trainer might instruct you to go with protein supplements. Hold on! Why opt for protein supplements when you have instant energy booster foods? Here are the Best foods to get energy instantly:

1. Chocolate:

They are just not the favourite of women and children, but are often consumed by men as well. Wondering why? Chocolates can fill you with tons and tons of energy instantly. The chocolates can be of Light, dark and white ones. Dark Chocolates is said to raise your metabolic rate. Flavanol is an antioxidant present in the dark chocolates. The antioxidant works best for heart and protects it from attacks and strokes. It also adds to increased levels of oxygen in the body. The energy is instantly released when there is an increase in the oxygen level. Do not eat dark chocolates before bedtime as it might take away your sleep. Take it early in the mornings or 30 minutes prior stepping in to your gym. Do not eat too much as it is caloric in nature.

2. Popcorn:

It is a whole grain and is a rich source of fibre. Popcorns are mostly a movie time food product. It is a great snack product with a delicious taste. They are low in calories and are also stomach filling. However, you got to be choosy with popcorns as well. Avoid salty, oily and flavored popcorns as they will make you feel lazy. Opt for home cooked and plain popcorn. They can be a great source of energy.3.

3. Green Tea:

The most beneficial tea among all the other variants is Green Tea. It s just not dietitian’s favourite but also the fitness trainers. Green has multiple benefits. It is packed with antioxidants. The problems of skin like ageing and wrinkles can be easily dealt. It works on the digestion process and is beneficial for weight loss. The EGCG is the compound which is responsible for weight loss. It also provides instant energy. Take a glass of water and heat it to boil. Add some green tea leaves to it. Allow them to boil till the water turns slightly brownish. Switch off the flames and strain the tea. Add few drops of lemon to it if you desire for. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to green tea as a substitute for sugar. You can also use tea bags if you want hassle free tea making process.

4. Whole Grains:

The body equally needs carbohydrates to function properly. they break down into glucose to provide energy to the body. Whole Grains are considered to be healthy carbs. They take less time to get digested. Thus, the body gets an instant energy boost. Oatmeal and whole wheat bread are good examples of carbohydrates. Quinoa can also be consumed. It is rich in fibre, proteins and vitamins. Try quinoa in breakfast to high metabolic rate.

5. Dark leafy green vegetables:

We have always been advised to add green vegetables in our diet. The doctors say that green vegetables contains vitamins, iron, fibre, proteins and other necessary mineral. Isn’t it great to get all the necessary compounds from a single source of food? Spinach, Collards, Chard and Kale are some of the must consumed green vegetables. A single serving can suffice your body’s requirement of Vitamins and calcium. They can be cooked easily. Ensure that you do not overcook them as you might lose all the essential components. Do wash them thoroughly before cooking. Drinking a glass of spinach juice can give you instant energy.

6. Nuts:

Munch a handful of nuts and see the energy levels in your body. They can provide you with nutrients, fibre and proteins at a single time. They are filling as they posses tons and tons of calories. A handful of nuts can be an answer for your low energy. Nuts with salt should be avoided. If you are health conscious, Peanut butter can be taken. Take a bread piece and allow the butter to spread on it. Eat it slowly. It is a great choice for health conscious people.

The above mentioned energy food are an essential source of energy. They can be consumed whenever tiredness and fatigue takes a toll on the health. However, keep a check on the quantity of these products as you would tend to put on weight. People who are allergic to certain ingredients should refrain themselves from the consumption of these energy boosters. Do consult your dietician or trainers before proceeding with any of the above mentioned energy food.

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