GM Diet Side Effects: Read This Before Trying Out This Diet

gm diet side effects

General Motors diet also popularly know as GM Diet is an extensive diet loss plan that a lot of people take up aiming a quick toned body in just a few days. Known for its absurd diet routine, a lot of people have temporarily benefited from this diet, but they have had significant side effects. In this article,  we would talk about the various side-effects one can encounter from taking up this diet and how it could possibly lead to another major health ailment. Let’s have a look.

For all those who are unaware of what GM Diet consists of, we have here a chart that would help you understand the diet and the food cut-down ratio.

Yes! So the diet plan pretty much looks like this. So for all who have taken it and are successful, we are glad you cut starve your cravings. However, the ones craving to take up this diet, well here we have the 13 side – effects that will not just stop you from taking this up, but make you understand your food habits better to restrict and progress accordingly.

Side Effects Of the GM Diet Plan

It is rare that anything you try with your body wouldn’t have side-effects. Anything sudden, intensive and over effective has its own way of taking a toll and we are here to give you a gist what GM Diet plan will do to you. Have a look!

1. Depletes Body Energy

 Being an extremely rigid diet, it cuts downs the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins substantially, all of a sudden. This sudden acquittal from food and can lead to massive loss of energy can lead to extreme tiredness. A balanced diet gives the body, the much needed nutrition and hence taking up the GM diet plan can cause a sudden reversal to that thus leading to depletion of energy.

2. Intricate Fatigue

Fatigue as we all would relate would be sheer tiredness. However, there are many reasons that could cause fatigue. Fatigue caused due to physical exhaustion may not have lasting effects on the body, but a change in diet can lead to intricate fatigue that can cause serious illness and make one extremely weak.

3. Slows Down Metabolic Rate

The body metabolic rate determines the rate of emulsification of the food we take in and also the release of energy. But due to such low – calorie intake diet, the metabolic rate gets affected and tends to become slower. This could hinder weight loss and would reduce the whole motive of the weight loss.

4. Leads To Muscle Loss

Losing muscle can be caused to due to irregularities in the body’s food intake. While our body automatically tries and adjust to the new food consumption plan, the mass loss first affects the muscle. The muscle tend to become and tender and loose and can cause severe muscle pain.

5. Severe Hair Loss

Our diet plays an extremely crucial role for body, skin and hair nourishment. The vitamins we take it in are important and an imbalance in nutrition can lead to severe loss. Hair loss has been reported quite often and in many cases it can be severe and serious.

6. Causes Dry Skin

Like mentioned above, another serious side effect caused due to improper and rigid food intake affects the skin. The essential fats required by the body that leads to oil generation keeps our skin glowing and healthy. But as this diet restricts fat consumption, the oils do not generate hence causing the skin to dry and wither, making one look gradually old. 

7. Leads To Weight Gain

Due to drastic change in metabolic rate, one might land up consuming excessive food after the 7 day diet plan. This would instead make one put on excess weight and make them more unhealthier.

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8. Leads To Water Loss

Our diet also manages the water retention in our body. When there is a drastic change in the diet, the body loses water which can lead to muscle cramps, that can be extremely painful.

9. Causes Severe Weakness

GM diet can lead to weakness due to the restricted intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are extremely essential for the nutrition of the body. Sudden deprivation of the required nutrients can make one weak and can cause other illnesses.

10. Causes Frequent Dehydration

A significant number of people have reported to have been suffering with dehydration that is caused due to GM Diet. Water and energy loss can drastically affect the salt levels of the body, thus causing dehydration.

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11. Causes Nutritional Deficiencies

When body doesn’t absorb the right amount of nutrients, it leads to nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies can cause serious health ailments like Anemia, stunted growth, defects in bone development and it could also lead to dementia.

12. Causes Frequent Headaches

Lack of sugar constituents in the diet plan reduces the sugar intake of the body. The limited consumption of sugar leads to fluctuation in body’s sugar level , thus causing frequent headaches.

13. Hinders Fetal Development

The diet is not recommended during pregnancy as it may damage the fetus due to improper food intake and lack of proper nutrition. This deficiency can be fatal to the fetus during pregnancy and can lead to miscarriage, hence it is a big no during pregnancy.

With these we wind up our list of 13 most harmful side effects of GM diet and why it isn’t that recommendable. With no scientific or practical approach, the GM diet is still a vague theory that people opt for to lose impeccable ounces of weight with in no time. However, we recommend that if one is looking at losing weight, they should try healthier alternatives like exercise that have lasting effect and is not harmful like any other fad or crash diet.

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