24 Amazing Green Juice Health Benefits and Facts

green juice

Have you heard of the term green Juice??? Well, if you haven’t. I am here to tell you about this. I have heard often that with age you are ten to be overweight, get wrinkles, weak immunity system and what more. But can’t we reverse age??? Well, truly speaking we can’t. But what we can do is to reverse some of its effects. And that is what our today’s hero green juice does.
Green juice is known to cleanse your system, remove toxins, give glow to your skin and reduce your waist line. Doesn’t it sound like all in one package? Well, it is. Green juice is basically made up of green leafy substance and it is supposed to contain wide range of nutrients. They have goodness of many food products combine within them. And to get maximum benefits out of it we need to consume it in juice form. This you can drink any time of the day.
So, let’s make your green juice chart fun. Here are top 24 green juice recipe just for you .

1. Pineapple Jalapeno

It contains pineapple as the primary ingredient. You need to take at least 2-3 pineapples. Add some kale leaves and 1 cucumber in it. Add some jalapeno to make it little spicy.

2. Green goodness

Here we will include all prime green products. Take 5-6 spinach and 2-3 kale leaves. Add 3 celery stalks and 1 cucumber and 1 fuji apple. Squeeze a lemon on top for that extra taste.

3. Detxo with green

This is a detox green diet. If you have romaines add half of it. Take 1 handful of spinach and 2 kale leaves. Add some cilantro springs and fuji apple. You can add lemon juice as per your taste.

4. Pineapple kale

here kale is the primary ingredient. Blend in kale leaves, pineapple and granny smith apple together. Add cucumber to give cool sensation. Add 3 swiss chard leaves to intensify your taste.

5. Magic of Green Vitamin C

This is a Vitamin C juice. Take a orange and add cucumber, celery stalks and fuji lemon in it. blend all together well. Top it up with fresh lemon juice.

6. Mint magic

You need to take spinach, kale leaves and pineapple together. Add some mint leaves and granny smith apple in it.

7. Green Juice

Take celery stalks and cucumber. Add swiss chard leaves, kale leaves and apple in it.

8. Another detox

Here is a new ingredient. Take some cilantro leaves with cucumber and green apples. Blend all together. Add lemon for that beautiful flavour.

9. Green Goddess

You need to take some chard leaves and green grapes for this. Add in cucumber and green apple. Add some ginger slices to get that spicy touch.

10. Glow with green

Take some spinach, kale leaves, fuji apples, celery and cucumber. Add 10-15 springs of parsley in it. add some ginger slices for that spicy touch.

11. Deep green

Take cucumber, granny smith apples and collard leaves. Add celery leaves and fennel bulb in it. add freshly squeezed lemon over the top.

12. Clean Juice

This will begin with zucchini. Add on pears and fennel bulb. Add broccoli florets and a bunch of spinach in it.

13. Traditional greens

Add spinach, kale leaves, dandelion greens, parsley, celery ribs, granny smith apples and a cup of green apples. Squeeze lemon on top of this juice.

14. Kiwi goodness

Take some kale leaves. Add kiwi fruit and apples on it. finish with ginger for that spicy flavour.

15. Romaine chard Mint

Add 1 romaine lettuce and some mint leaves. Blend swiss chard leaves, lemon and apple with it.

16. Kale Orange mint

Add kale leaves into orange. Add mint at last for that cool minty flavour. This must be a go to go drink for summers.

17. Kale grapefruit apple

You need to use here oranges, apple, grape fruit and lastly kale leaves. Trust me girls this one is my favourite.

18. Chard Parsley Orange

You need to have swiss chard leaves for this. You will be adding parsley leaves, oranges , cucumber and apples in it. this has loads of nutrients and you might end up loving this.

19. Cucumber apple mint

Blend in cucumber, apple and mint leaves together. Add a touch of ginger for taht spicy feeling.

20. Cilantro beauty

Herein you need to blend in all the primary green food products together. Take cucumber, kale leaves, cilantro, apples and romaine lettuce together. Add some lime juice.

21. Watermelon green juice

I love watermelon. This has to be my most favourite juice. Take watermelon, kale leaves and apple in it. Add some lime juice over it.

22. Post workout drink

Take romaine lettuce, kale leaves, carrots, carrot top and apple. Add lime juice over it. this drink is perfect to give you that extra liquid which you have lost during your workouts.

23. Sweet tooth

This is for all the sweet tooth people. Take some baby spinach, lime, large tomato, carrots, carrot top, stalk celery and a bunch of parsley leaves. This will fill your sweet appetite in a healthy way.

24. Excellent craving response

We all tend to eat anything and everything when we are craving. So, let’s eat something healthy. Take large kale leaves, whole stalk of leek, large tomato, bunch of cilantro leaves and some carrots. Top it with ginger and lime juice.
So, these were the top 24 green juice recipes to keep you healthy and fit. Start taking this. Once you take this you can see the changes in your overall health, skin and digestion and immunity system. These juices are really god send gift to us. All of them contain an average of 60-80% nutrients in them much higher than any single fruit or vegetable. So, choose any 7 of the above with your favourite ingredients. You will be able to see remarkable changes within no time.

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