5 Best Hairstyles For Working In A Kitchen

Hairstyles For Working In A Kitchen

Just because you’re working in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it. We’ve compiled our top 5 kitchen hairstyle looks that will have you socializing at the dinner table in no time once you’ve finished kneading pie crust.

5 Best Hairstyles For Working In A Kitchen

1) The Twisted Chignon

The Twisted Chignon

The twisted chignon is a great hairstyle to have when in the kitchen. To make this, Take your hair and gather it all to the back and twist it into a chignon.

2) Braided Updo

Braided Updo

Go for a braided updo to avoid hair getting all over your face. Simply create a deep side part and start a french braid there. As you add more hair, the braid will wrap around the head. When finished, tuck the ends in and pin them into place before fastening with an elastic.

3) The Topknot

The Topknot

Before brushing, spritz your brush with hairspray for a greater hold. After gathering everything in front of you, flip your head back up, fasten it with an elastic, and style your hair anyway you like.

4) The High Pony

The High Pony

The high ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles that looks great for any occasion. This pony looks fantastic because of its height. Your hair should first be flat ironed to provide uniform texture throughout.

5) The Low Chignon

The Low Chignon

Simply gather all of your hair loosely at the nape of your neck for a timeless hairdo appropriate for any event. French pins are used to finish after wrapping and twisting the ends of a thicker elastic to bind it.


Every hair length and texture may be styled into one of these stylish, quick office hairstyles, all of which can be done in under a minute. Prepare to flip, pin, and twist your way to polished perfection, whether you’re at the gym, at home, on the train, in the car, or on the sidewalk in front of the workplace.