What Happens When You Swallow Chewing Gum?

What Happens When You Swallow Chewing Gum

Would you eat or swallow a chewing gum? Most of the kids swallow chewing gum. The effects of swallowing chewing gum are indicated in this article. You must know that what exactly happens when you gulp down a chewing gum?
Lisa Ganjhu, a famous gastroenterologist expert has explained it in theory that it exceeds through your digestive system like all foods are digested but remember chewing gum doesn’t digest in your stomach. The acids and enzymes present in the stomach have the ability to digest a chewing gum.

There are chemical elements of chewing gum that cannot be digested but can be expelled through the digestive system. The composite that cannot be engrossed into the body through the tiny intestine brush or cilia that aid in digestion can be removed by the gastric enzymes.

However, if a large quantity of chewing gum is swallowed that might pose a health risk. However chewing gum is not a peril when swallowed, experts are not in favors actually. Though it has no nutritional value and contains with chemical composition, it is not suggested to eat all the time. Its use should be restricted to the time when you only need to freshen up your mouth another important thing is that do not chew chewing gum for too long time.

You came to know now what exactly happens when you swallow chewing gum. It is important to not do anything adverse if you have swallowed just one chewing gum. Gum will be diminished naturally, so that it will not affect on your health and will not cause any health problems at all.

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