20 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Mosambi – Sweet Lime


Mosambi, also known as sweet lime is a member of the citric family. Like lemon and oranges, sweet lime too is widely consumed by people all around the globe and has multiple uses. Though being from the citric family, it is not acidic but has many health benefits like other citric members. Sweet lime can be beneficial to the skin, hair and health and to enlighten our readers, we have listed various benefits of sweet lime.

20 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Mosambi

1. Enhances Digestion

Consuming sweet lime for digestion is an age old remedy and has been proven extremely beneficial. With its high content of flavonoids, sweet lime stimulates the digestive system by secreting bile, digestive acids and juices. The ability to neutralize the acidic levels of the digestive juices secreted from indigestion or gastrointestinal problem, sweet lime is widely recommended to curb the symptoms of the same. It is also given when suffers from diarrhea and severe vomiting.

2. For Treating Constipation

The dietary fiber present in mosambi helps in breaking down food, thus making excretion easily. Sweet lime can detoxify the digestive system and remove toxins from the bowel tracts, easing out the difficulty. For occasional constipation problem, sweet lime juice with salt should be consumed, however if the problem persists for long, one should seek medical advise.

3. For Treating Scurvy

Deficiency of Vitamin C causes scurvy. It leads to swollen and bleeding gums, cracked lips and mouth and tongue ulcers. Sweet lime relieves one from gum bleeding immediately when applied with black salt on the affected area. Also when applied on the ulcers, a gradual reduction can be observed within a few days.

4. For Treating Respiratory Problems

Sweet lime has anti-congestive properties that is effective in reducing cough and other congestion in the lungs. It helps clean the lungs and enhance respiration. To relieve one from severe cough, one can inhale steam with a few drops of sweet lime juice in it. It will help soothe the throat and reduce the irritation.

5. For Preventing Cancer

Sweet lime is high in limonoids, that help fight various forms of cancers. It inhibits cancer cell growth, hence preventing from cancerous cells to develop in individuals.

6. For Treating Arthritic Pain

Sweet lime also has anti-inflammatory properties that can considerably reduce swelling and inflammation. It can be beneficial for ones suffering with arthritis, as it could help reduce the inflammation around the joints, thus gradually reducing the arthritic pain.

7. Aids Weight Loss

Sweet lime can emulsify fat due to the presence of Vitamin C. The ability to neutralize digestive juices help in maintaining a healthy digestive system that helps in inducing weight loss. One needs to have sweet lime juice in lukewarm water with some honey empty stomach in the morning to facilitate weight loss. This helps in non retention of fat obtained from the successive meals one takes after consuming this in the morning.

8. To Treat Urinary Tract Disorders

Being high in pottasium content, sweet lime is found effective in treating various urinary tract disorders. It can release the toxins through urine from the kidneys and urinary bladder. The ability of sweet lime to detoxify the urinary system makes it the most preferable home remedy for these disorders.

9. For Treating Dehydration

Sweet lime reduces the risk of dehydration and helps avoid muscle cramps. Vitamin C present in sweet lime is an instant energy booster and helps soothe muscles after exhaustion. It is advised as a healthy substitute to other artificial carbonated drinks.

10. Promotes Womb & Fetus Development

Being rich in calcium, sweet lime juice should be given to pregnant women to enhance the development of the fetus and to strengthen the womb. Consuming this on a regular basis, can help have a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

11. For Treating Jaundice

While one suffers from jaundice, the diet restrictions are extremely important to curb the disease and prevent any further damage. Including sweet lime in the diet, can boost liver functioning that is extremely important for treating jaundice.

12. For Treating Symptoms Of Asthma

As discussed previously, the anti-congestive properties of sweet lime helps in curbing symptoms of asthma. A mixture of mosambi juice, dry ginger and cumin seeds helps in relieving shortness of breath and soothes asthmatic cough.

13. As An Anti-septic and Anti-bacterial Agent

These properties of sweet lime have made it an integral part of the beauty industry. Used in various products, lime-based products are a big hit for its ability to exfoliate the hair and skin, being anti-septic and anti-bacterial naturally.

14. For Enhancing And Strengthening Hair

Enriched in vitamins, sweet lime when used for hair-care can strengthen hair follicles and make hair strong and shiny. It can be directly applied by squeezing some lime juice and applying it at the roots of the follicles.

15. For Treating Dandruff

When applied on the scalp, it prevents drying of the scalp and helps get rid of dandruff gradually. This can be an effective natural treatment for treating dandruff at home.

16. For Skin Care

Mosambi is extremely beneficial for skin. Its medicinal properties help in curing skin problems and also moisturizes the skin. A lot of cosmetics are lime-based and are natural moisturizers and toners. It also promotes skin healing.

17. For Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching is an integral part of every woman’s grooming regime. Sweet lime contains cleansing agents that helps in curing pigmentation, acne, blemishes and lightening facial hair. Prolong use can make the skin smooth radiant, shiny and soft.

18. To Treat Symptoms Of Insect Bite

Sweet lime is effective in reducing pain from insect bites. Rubbing some sweet lime o the affected area can reduce the irritation and gradually reduce the pain.

19. For Lightening Skin

When rubbed in areas that are dark like the armpits, elbows and neck, one can rub some sweet lime juice with a cotton ball. Gradual use will eventually lighten the skin.

20. Detoxifying The Body

Consumption of sweet lime juice regularly removes the toxins and helps the skin to glow. Cleansing of the body naturally with sweet lime gives a shine and radiance that comes internally.
Below mentioned are the nutritional benefits of sweet lime per 100 grams.

Source: (USDA Nutrient Database)
Energy: 43 kcal
Carbohydrate: 9.3 g
Water: 88 g
Sugar: 1.7 g
Dietary fibers: 0.5 g
Fat: 0.3 g
Protein: 0.7-0.8 g

Calcium: 40 mg
Iron: 0.7 mg
Phosphorus: 30 mg
Potassium: 490 mg

Vitamin C: 50 mg
Vitamin A: 20 IU

sweet lime

Now we know the 20 benefits of sweet lime and how efficient it is in treating various causes and ailments. The nutritional value of sweet lime is extremely beneficial and it should be in included in one’s regular diet. Hence, one should try this highly versatile fruit and test its efficiency individually and see how best it works for you.

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