Top 10 Health Benefits Of Soaked Almonds

Soaked Almonds

Dry fruits are everyone’s favorite and we all love munching them. Almond is one among them and by far the most consumed nut. But are you having these almonds the right way? Are you getting the most out of it? Lets find that out!
Rich in nutrients like vitamin E, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fibers, almonds are considered to be one of the best food for all nutrient requirements. There are many health benefits but there has always been a debate on which one is better- raw or soaked almonds?

Raw Or Soaked?

The peel of almonds inhibits nutrient absorption because of the presence of tannin. Hence soaking the almonds removes the peel making it easy for the nut to release all its nutrients. Soaking almonds eliminates all the toxins present in the peel, hence releasing the phytic acid that makes these nuts more edible and enrich its nutrition value further.
So to let our readers know, how healthy is munching these soaked almonds can be, we have listed top 10 health benefits of soaked almonds and how you could achieve the most of it. Have a read!

Ten Time Tested Benefits Of Soaked Almonds

1. Helps In Digestion

Soaked almonds are known for improving digestion. They release the enzyme lipase that is extremely essential in digesting fats. Soaked almonds release an enzyme inhibitor that makes it easily digestible, hence a lot prefer it as a digestion aid. This health benefit has been proven by the Institute of Food Research

2. Aids In Weight Loss

The monounsaturated fatty acids present in almonds, restricts ones appetite, thus inducing weight loss. Consuming soaked almonds can help make one feel full hence prevent one from overeating. The fatty acids emulsifies fat and prevents fat accumulation. Over consumption of almonds can lead to excessive heat, however a diet plan with soaked almonds can reduce body weight upto 10 pounds.

3. In Treating Cardiovascular Diseases

Known for lowering cholesterol, soaked almonds increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol levels. The increase in high density lipoproteins (HDL) and decrease in low density lipoproteins (LDL), lowers plaque formation that prevents any potential heart disease. The Vitamin E from soaked almonds are antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart diseases.
High in folic acids, soaked almonds can prevent clogging of arteries and reduce any kind of inflammation. This ensures the arteries from not getting damaged.

4. To Prevent Cancer

The presence of Vitamin B17 in soaked almonds is essential for combating cancer, The presence of flavonoids and Vitamin E, minimize the risk of cancer and suppress cancerous tumor growth. Consuming soaked almonds on a regular basis would act as a barrier against cancerous cells and other cancer inducing cells. This is mentioned in the Adventist Health Study.

5. In Lowering Blood Pressure And Diabetes

When consumed along with a low calorie meal, soaked almonds are quite efficient in decreasing levels of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar levels and it is also effective in reducing sodium, that helps in lowering blood pressure. Soaked almonds help in increasing levels of antioxidants and magnesium, that regulates diabetes and hypertension both.

6. For A Healthier Pregnancy

As previously mentioned, soaked almonds have high levels of folic acid. This helps in preventing birth defects that may occur in newborns. Consuming soaked almonds can also strengthen the fetus and help in pre-pregnancy care. Hence, it is advised pregnant women should consume have more of soaked almonds during this phase.
Consuming soaked almonds during pregnancy would also help regulate the blood sugar levels and also maintain the blood pressure, that might fluctuate during pregnancy. So consuming soaked almonds have multiple benefits during pregnancy, hence shouldn’t be avoided at all.

7. For Strengthening Hair

We all know, how efficient is almond oil in hair growth. Using almond mixed with coconut oil can strengthen hair and make it stronger.
One could also try soaking in some almonds overnight and then churning them with some olive oil. One can use this as a mask every night to fasten hair growth and for naturally conditioning it.

8. For Reducing Hair Fall

Being extremely nutritive, almond oil has many valuable properties. As it in enriched in minerals, applying a paste of soaked almonds around the roots of the hair follicles, making the hair lustrous and gradually reduces hair fall. Massaging hair from the root to end of the strand, induces nourishment. Taking a bowl of almond oil and warming it slightly and then applying it, makes it more efficient and enriches the hair holding capacity. This works against hair fall and promotes hair retention.

9. For Boosting CNS ( Central Nervous System )

Enriched in essential fats, almonds are efficient in boosting the brain’s functionality and can sharpen memory significantly. Usually given to children at a younger age, however one can consume soaked almonds at any age. Soaked almonds help the brain function better hence consuming these should be a mandate in one’s diet

10. Using As A Natural Scrub

A homemade almond scrub can exfoliate skin for the complete body. Making an almond paste and mixing it with fresh cream and then applying everywhere will not just exfoliate but tone the skin as well. The scrub removes clogging of pores and makes the skin youthful and makes it look fabulous
Lot of us think that soaked almonds should be only consumed in the morning empty stomach, however one can have it through out the day. It is important ti soak them in a cup of water and give it ample time for all the toxins to be flushed off before one consumes it. The soaked almonds can be stored in a container preferably airtight for them to be consumed later during the course of the day. The soaked almonds last for a week, hence one can soak them and keep munching over the week.

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