14 Best Heart Hairstyles For Black Toddlers

Heart Hairstyles For Black Toddlers

When it comes to styling a toddler, the first idea that could cross your mind is to have the hair cut short so that you can save yourself from the trouble of styling it. However, this should be your last resort because there are several easy black toddler hairstyles for short and long hair that are effortless to achieve.

14 Best Heart Hairstyles For Black Toddlers

1) Cornrows


This is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking a heart shaped black girl hairstyle. The reason for this is that a three-year-old can sit through the cornrows while looking cute.

2) Triple Mohawk

Triple Mohawk

The most popular easy hairstyle for a black toddler is the mohawk. The Mohawk is not only a fashionable notion, but it also saves time. This look makes your child stand out in a crowd with ease.

3) Cute Double Buns With Bubble Bands

Cute Double Buns With Bubble Bands

The double bun hairstyle is always in style. You must thoroughly comb your toddler’s hair before putting it up in adorable double buns to get this look. Buns can be held in place with colorful accents like bands.

4) Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

One of the simplest hairstyle suggestions for black toddlers is this one. You must create little ponytails with the hair. A small amount of Styling hair should be added to each braided ponytail if you want the hairstyle to remain longer.

5) Knotted Turban

Knotted Turban

The knotted turban is an excellent option if you need to take your little child out but don’t have time to style her hair. Simply wrap the turban around your child’s head to hide their hair, and you are ready to go.

6) Big Afro

Big Afro

One of the cutest looks for young black girls. You can allow your child to have an afro if her hair is strong and healthy. To keep the hair from frizzing, you must apply a lot of moisturizer.

7) Twist Ponytails

Twist Ponytails

If your child has thick, long hair, you can style it into three ponytails—two in the front, one in the back. Then, using the hanging hair, create a number of twists. Beads in various colors can be used to embellish the twists’ ends.

8) Side Part With Bow

Side Part With Bow

This is the ideal solution if you are taking your child somewhere and don’t have time to straighten her hair. Her hair simply has to be parted to the side, and a large bow can be added for cuteness. On toddlers with naturally curly hair, the style is ideal.

9) Mini Puffs

Mini Puffs

Toddlers with short hair look great in this hairstyle. You can showcase your individual originality with the look. Simply gather your little girl’s hair into small little puffs and fasten them with brightly colored hair ornaments like colored bands or beads.

10) Messy Curly Hair

Messy Curly Hair

If you are having a lot of trouble styling your toddler’s hair, let her show off her unruly curls. Your toddler’s hair has volume with this style. On ebony toddlers with thick hair, the curls appear adorable.

11) Space Buns With Braids

Space Buns With Braids

The most popular toddler haircuts ever are space buns. This haircut is always in style. Your toddler’s hair needs to be styled into two buns, and you should leave some hair around the face free to braid two small braids.

12) Neat Pigtails

Neat Pigtails

The simple go-to hairstyle for toddlers with long or medium-length hair is a pigtail. You don’t need to know how to braid to wear this look. You only need to part your toddler’s hair in absolutely straight lines.

13) Braided Rope With Cherries And Floral Accessories

Braided Rope With Cherries And Floral Accessories

For black kids, the braided rope styles are the most straightforward. You should separate your hair in order to make lovely parts that will act as the starting point for the trendy braided ropes. After that, add cherries or other floral accents to each piece. This haircut is quite adorable on your child.

14) Cornrows With Bun

Cornrows With Bun

The beautiful look of this simple toddler hairdo in black never goes out of style. Simple cornrows need to be braided, and they can be joined at the crown to create a lovely hair bun. When you’re finished, add a colorful band on the bun to bind it.


There are many different hairstyles that you can rock for a toddler, depending on your preferences. Whatever style you choose for your toddlers, make sure it is perfect for their hair texture.