Home Remedies for Nausea During Pregnancy

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Know Quick Tips to protect yourself from nausea

Pregnancy is no doubt a beautiful phase in the life of a Woman. It is up to you how good or how bad you go through it. This is not only a physical phase but also a psychological phase of your life. There are things that happen during this stage and Nausea is one of them. Nausea must be a daily hectic and unwanted routine…But it’s a part and parcel of a beautiful period. One cannot ignore it but can try to overcome this condition through some small tricks and tips. Here I come with some home remedies that can help you fight with nausea during pregnancy. Let us know what nausea actuallyis. It is a sensation of feeling sick, uncomfortable and unease with an urge of vomit. Home remedies

suggested below:

1. Fennel:

Funnelseeds can be used to cure nausea naturally during pregnancy. It is cool in nature and reduces uneasiness. Crush a handful of funnel seeds in blender. Boil 5 cups of water and let it cool. Drink it sip by sip and this can relive you from nausea feeling. This formula can be kept in fridge to store it. This provides you with cool refreshing body and thus helps in easing from stomach queasiness.

2. Peppermint:

Mint can really minimize nausea feeling by reducing stomach’s discomfort. Make a cup of mint tea to deal nausea. Place 1 tbsp of peppermint in a jar of boiling water. Let it stand for 30 minutes and then consume it to make you feel fresh and nausea free.Peppermint helps smoothen, your mood and behaviour during this period.

3. Lavender and thyme:

Odours that never bothered you might irritate you now and can get worse. This would be 1 reason that you go nauseous. There is a handy homemade solution to seek this problem. Battle such smells by carrying a handkerchief stuffed with dried aromatic herbs. Lavender and thyme smells great and have soothing reputation. Carry this handkerchief and breathe it deeply when unfavourableodours turn you nauseous. Also these aromas provide you natural way to freshen up you.

4. Lemon:

Lemon flavour is considered as all time favourite, when you go through this period.
• Lemon can be squeezed in a glass of cool water or Luke warm water can be drunk to refreshed mood.
• Half a lemon can be dipped in black salt and can be tasted whenever you feel urge to vomit or feel sick. This tangy taste acts as a best mood stabilizer.
• Lemon tea also helps in nausea. Boil a cup of water and squeeze a lemon also add lemon piece. The tea is ready and can be consumed either hot or cool according to your taste buds and mood.

Fruits like orange, sweet lime added to your water, diet and herbal tea can help you ease nausea. Body requires water and Citrus fruits help hydrating the body. So choose your favourites and have them stuffed at your home.

6. Ginger:

Ginger in large Quantity is not considered good in pregnancy.But a fair amount of it does not harm pregnancy. Ginger can be taken in tea form or ginger candy can be preferred as per mood. Chop some ginger and add boiling water to it. It’s ready to drink and relive gastro problem and discomfort related to nausea.

7. Sugarcane juice:

Many old and experienced ladies say that morning sickness and nausea can be cured by having cool sugarcane juice.A dash of lemon or ginger juice can be mixed in it to make it tastier. It is a healthy start for women as well cures nausea.

Vitamin C is considered the best option. Berries, carrots, beets all these can be taken as mini meals to fill small snack hungers between main meals. These help in mood stabilising.Dried herbs like cardamom, rosemary and clove can be sniffed regularly to tolerate nausea. Always try to keep these things around you so that it becomes easy for you to help you. Active participation from both partners helps to minimize such problems. Physical and mental support from partner helps to ease discomforts and gain mental peace and stability.

Few things to remember:

• During pregnancy yougenerally feel nauseous early morning or at night. So be cautious at both these times and have all the things necessary nearby you.
• Everyone have different taste and prefers different choice.Just check out the thing that suits you.
• Refrain from oily, spicy food to avoid nausea.
• Have light and regular meals at small intervals so that you feel full and avoid gastro problem.
• Keep your body hydrated this would help in feel fresh and happy mood.
• Brush and clean mouth and teeth well.
• It’s all the game of mind control and remember: Always be positive.
• Always be in fresh and healthy environment so that you feel healthy.
• Take a nice walk outside in your lawn or a park, Talk to people and enjoy.
This is a golden period of life. You remember that Golden phrase: No pain no gain! Be strong, happy, and confident and eat healthy. So that you be healthy and give a happy motherhood to the newbie. Say no to nausea and yes to the remedies above. Start trying!

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