Home Remedies To Cure Hair Loss After Pregnancy

the pregnancy hair loss

Hair loss after pregnancy is due to the high levels of hormones which are present in your body that to during pregnancy so you need to stop your hair from falling out and must leave you with thick or luscious locks.

But after child birth, your hormones again go back. They go back to their pre-pregnancy levels! So therefore all that your hair should have is lost or is distributed or totally lost during nine months of pregnancy that just falls out at once!

Well this problem is temporary and your hair should and will regain to its normal thickness as it had before within 12 months.

Having a baby is the most happiest thing in this world having a baby is not just giving birth to a human being it is a miracle that has happened to you due to god’s grace well being pregnant is very good but you must always been known to the consequences which you will be handling after your pregnancy One Search consequence after pregnancy which you will be having is postpartum this problem of “postpartum” is related to sever hair loss after pregnancy.

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Well you do not have to be very much worried about this problem! Postpartum does not attack to every woman it is a problem which happens of a some percentage of women after their delivery!

And also this problem does not last for more than 12 months so don’t be over exaggerated after listening to this problem I know hair are the most important part of my body that looks great but that will not harm you much at least not for more than 12 months!

Every problem comes with some Herbal solution and here in this article I will again provide you some awesome home remedies which would totally and purely and effectively help you to provide your body and the equivalent of substances which it needs to overcome all the problems which include postpartum also.


  • It is not common to hear about vitamin intake while being pregnant! It is as common as anything else!
  • To your reminder let us tell you that Vitamins B, C, E, zinc and selenium are the most important one’s that you need for healthy skin, hair and nails, so you must net at all stop taking vitamins even after you give birth in fact it is more important to take after the birth!.
  • You must also switch to a postpartum vitamin supplement these are easily available and these can give you the right mix of nutrients you need.


  • Biotin is a member of the Vitamin B category only! But the importance of this “biotin” is very exceptional!
  • As, it is especially important due to the reason that it helps the body build lots of good proteins like keratin which is the best for the beautiful hair growth.
  • If your body has some kind of Biotin deficiency then it has been directly linked to your hair loss or hair breakage and brittle nails problem5.
  • To get more biotin, you must consider it by taking about 5 mg of some biotin supplement in and to addition to your diet. \
  • You can also buy some pure shampoos and conditioners that have lots of and are been enriched with biotin, although these results are a bit biased are aren’t confirmed


  • Guys it’s time to bake your hair healthy! Yes it’s true that yeast is usually used for baking purposes! You must have heard that by washing your hair with some pure beer will make your hair very shiny and strong.
  • Well this saying is totally true! This is not so ridiculous or fake after all this is because of the reason that beer is made fully made out from yeast.
  • Yeast contains a good amount of biotin, some folic acid and also some riboflavin. Well we don’t mean that you will need to soak up your hair in beer all day.
  • You must also consider in making up a good DIY hair mask and that out of brewer’s yeast.

Fatty Acids

  • Though you are pregnant or not consuming the essential stuff is a need to be fulfilled. Therefore when you have given birth and so as to go back to the normal routine you need to again fulfill all the empty stalks of the body. Fatty acids are one such.
  • These fatty substances will not only improve your health but will also improve your hair problem!
  • You need to make this sure that you’re eating enough and plenty of fish that will contain with Omega-3 oils or taking up Omega 3-6-9 supplements from that of the flaxseed or may be from fish oil, as these essential fatty acids are brilliant and as said above that these are not just great for cholesterol levels in the body but will also make your hair healthy and shiny

Hair Cut

Having a good haircut is a good habit! To keep your hair clean and tidy is really very essential! So to a solution for a problem like hair loss after pregnancy is a good haircut!

  • You must have heard from your elders or your mom itself that you must have a good hair therapy which should include a good haircut in it.
  • The idea or the motive behind having a good haircut is that your short hair will require lesser or fewer nutrients in it and they will not fall out as much they are. So it is a kind of great and healthy cheat!
  • There is also some kind of merit in this cheat as we know that since long hair is more likely to get tangle easily and form lots of split ends in the hair.

Therefore if you have short hair then in any case, a short hairstyle will surely save you from all the time you need to maintain long hair!

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