How To Choose Lipstick According To Age

Lipstick is one of the most used cosmetics by women, they bring color and define your lips.
However, not all lipsticks looks good on any tone, especially if we focus on age. To avoid these problems we show what are ideal for every woman.


In this age you should highlight lips shine or gloss. Avoid dark colors because they bring a hard look and can make you look older.

At Age 20:

Pink lipstick

Pink is the best option, this tone reflects the romanticism of the beginning of youth.You can complement your makeup with gloss or matte. The tone you choose will depend on the personality, if you are extroverted then you can opt for vibrant colors and clear for shy girls.

At Age 30:

red lips

At this age you can choose the color red as this tone reflects security, and have greater confidence in both personally and professionally and red is your best ally.

At 40 Years:

At this age, women are now masters of their life and they know what looks good or not. It is a perfect stage to use the knowledge and attempts at different makeups that you have applied in recent years. You should avoid bright colors, use colors that enhance your look and complement your style.

At Age 50:


In this age it is essential that you take care your lips, apply lip moisturizer every day. Before painting your lips you need to get delineate a nice way. The brown tones are ideal because they provide an elegant style.

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