How to Choose The Right Hairbrush for Your Hair Type & Style

Do you have questions about which hair brush is right for you? Here you have some tips! Let us read to know how to choose right hair brush.

1. Brushes With Separate Fence: These are ideal for untangling long hair, especially if you have thick, heavy, long or curly hair. Use it when leaving the shower if you do not want your hair to break.

2. Paddle Brush: This is suitable for medium or long, especially to de tangle hair and if it does not much volume. If your hair is somewhat thick or heavy, you’ll do great.

3. Natural Bristle Brush: These will spread the sebum throughout the hair and, thus, leave it brighter. If your hair is oily, better not to opt for this type of brushes.

4. Cushion Brush: This is ideal for medium-length hair and fine hair, because it will helps to straighten the hair.

5. Skeleton Hair Brush: It is to dry off hair because it allows the passage of air.

6. Round Brush: A round brush that massages the scalp and distributes natural hair oils. It is ideal for all hair types and especially to mold along with the dryer. If your hair is thin better choose a brush with bristles more density. Otherwise if you have it more abundantly, choose one with the separate bristles.

7. Conventional Comb: A daily use of comb to straighten hair, small knots untangle and give a better look.

8. Thermal Brush: Ideal for dry and shape the hair while maintaining heat. Its size will depend on the areas we want to dry.

For example: Smaller for bangs or short hair, and wider for long hair.

How to Choose Right Hair Brush


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