How To Dilute 40 Volume Developer To 20

how to dilute 40 volume developer to 20,

Do you have a bottle of a 40-volume developer in your bathroom cabinet or by the sink? However, you are unsure if you can dilute the 40 volume developer to 20v in order to make the best use of it.

The answer is, you can. You can reduce your 40v developers to 20v, and in this article, we’ll go over all the steps you need to take and safety precautions to take into consideration as you work on this process. However, before we get there, let’s quickly go over developers, how they are used in hair and all the other key points.

What Is A Developer?

The proper choice of developers is one of the most crucial steps when colouring your hair. What are these, though? Actually, known as activators, hydrogen peroxide is what developers have in them. To lighten the colour of hair, this is combined with bleach or dye. The amount of hydrogen peroxide in this creamy substance determines the developer volume.

Developers are typically purchased with bottles of dye, but you can choose to buy either of them separately if you prefer. To make a better and more appropriate choice, it is advised to speak with your hairdresser before making a developer purchase.

Why To Use Developer And What Does It Do?

We need to understand how developers operate before we can fully appreciate their use. In essence, developers are hydrogen peroxide molecules that enter the hair shaft and make hair permanent. Hair dye won’t work if there are no developers. The hydrogen peroxide will lift the hair cuticle layer, and the amount of lift depends on how strong the activators are.

It’s crucial to comprehend the terms “lifting” and “depositing” on this note. Lifting is when you’re lightening; for instance, if you’re a brunette and want to look blonde, you’ll need to lift. If you want a darker appearance “depositing” is the process, i.e., inserting hair molecules into the hair cuticle. Hair colour molecules are deposited as the hair cuticles open up during this process.

Types Of Developers

There are four types of developers depending on the amount of oxidizing potential of hydrogen peroxide. The higher the amount of amount of peroxide, the higher the volume of developer. It generally comes in 10v, 20v, 30v and 40v but it can go upto 50v, generally not recommended due to its extra strength. Let us discuss in brief the types of developers:

  • 10v Developers: This developer contains 3% peroxide. It functions best with tones because it won’t lift your hair; instead, it will give you a tint while keeping the original colour of your hair. Only colour molecules are deposited in the coirtex for long-term use after the cuticles are opened.
  • 20v Developers: It has a peroxide content of 6%. This is done to cover grey hair with permanent hair dye or to achieve lifts of one or two levels. It can be used to bleach blonde hair to naturally lighten it.
  • 30v Developers: It contains 9% peroxide. It allows pigment to be infused into the hair shaft while achieving two or three levels of colour. If you want a colour that will last for a long time and your hair is not severely damaged or porosity-prone, 30v is the best option.
  • 40v Developers: About 12% of this is peroxide. It is utilised in the process of dying very dark or black hair. A word of caution: consult a professional before using this at home as it can burn a sensitive scalp and damage the hair due to the high peroxide content.

How To Dilute 40 Volume Developer To 20?

Diluting the 40v to 20v is not rocket science, despite the fact that the topic may seem complex. However, why is it necessary to dilute a developer? More flexibility and convenience are made possible by diluting a developer. It makes the creamy texture simple to use and, in the unlikely event that you have a high-volume developer lying around the house, you can dilute it to a lower volume if necessary but not the other way around. By doing this, it becomes more cost-effective and you can avoid running out to buy a new bottle of developer.

Below is how you can dilute 40v to 20v at home:

  1. The 40v should be placed into a measuring cup. Only pour the amount you need after making a note of it.
  2. Put it in a bowl for mixing.
  3. Measure the same amount of water for the developer as you did for the water. Make sure the ratio of water to developer is 1:1.
  4. Utilize a dye stirrer to combine the developer and water.
  5. Obtain a flowable consistency; the mixture should be runny but not overly thin.
  6. Your 20v developer is prepared for use once the desired texture has been obtained.
  7. In short: 2oz of 40v + 20z of distilled water = 4oz 20v developer


People occasionally miscalculate the ratio of 40v to 20v. When choosing to dilute at home, keep a measuring bowl close at hand at all times. The secret to achieving perfect consistency for 20v developers is this. Keep in mind to thoroughly mix it; otherwise, your scalp could be damaged and the fixture might not function properly. For better results, consult a hairdresser, hair stylist, or salon before even buying it.

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