How To Fix Hair Breakage On Top Of Head

How To Fix Hair Breakage On Top Of Head

Irrespective of how healthy and voluminous hair you have, certain practices may damage them terribly. These malpractices often result in dry hair with split ends, dandruff on the scalp, and hair breakage.

When all the hair issues combine, they lead to severe hair fall. Hair breakage on the top of the head is one of the outcomes that can completely change how you look.

Since hair breakage has already happened, and you cannot reverse it, finding ways to fix hair breakage on top of the head is the only solution. It will address the present issue and prevent the spreading of it further.

Let’s find out how to stop hair breakage on top of the head and how you can make your current breakage less noticeable.

Ways To Fix Hair Breakage On Top Of The Head

1. Do Not Brush Vigorously

The right combing technique can work wonders in improving hair health. If you are experiencing hair breakage, it’s time to change how you brush your hair.

Start with detangling the hair from the ends and move towards the roots. Brushing straight from the roots will break the detangled hair due to excessive pulling. Once hair detangles, gently brush through the roots without causing any pressure.

If hairs are excessively tangled, use any detangler spray. Also, do not overdo brushing. Combing once a day is enough unless there are knots again.

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2. Change Your Hair Care Products

If you use chemical-based shampoo, it’s time to shift to organic products. Always use shampoo and conditioners that provide deep hydration to the hair strands and scalp. They should be free from sulfate as it can damage the cuticle, leading to hair fall.

Extra care is necessary to prevent hair breakage on top of the head if you have color-treated hair or have undergone smoothening or straightening.

3. Deep Condition Hair Once A Week

Conditioners moisturize the hair strands and prevent them from drying. Using the right hair emollients moistens the hair and prevents breakage.

You can use any high-quality hair conditioner and apply it once a week. You can also check out some great DIY hair masks that deeply nourish and moisturize hair.

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4. Use Hair Wrap Treatment

If you have the habit of rubbing your hair with a towel after washing it, it’s time to change it. Instead of rubbing, wrap wet hair in a microfiber towel to lock in the moisture.

While rubbing causes unnecessary friction leading to hair breakage, wrapping in a microfiber towel will make them hydrated. Also, ditch your hair dryer for air drying to keep hair healthy and strong right from the roots.

5. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools can damage hair cuticles. Therefore, it is advised to avoid them as much as possible. However, if you can’t escape using them, use the lowest setting and not more than once a week.

Furthermore, when heat styling, do not forget to use hair protectant throughout the hair, especially at the top of the head, to minimize damage.

6. Use Gentle Hair Accessories And Styling Methods

If you habitually use tight hair ties and clips, ditch them, as they are one of the culprits of hair breakage on the crown.
People who often pull their hair back in tight ponytails or use bobby pins and hair clips throughout the day often experience hair breakage. It outs hair on stress, and excess of it leads to hair breakage from the roots.

Use scrunchies instead of tight hair ties and let your hair open for some days and allow them to feel the fresh air.

7. Trim Your Hair

There are many hairstyles that can hide less hair on the crown. You can visit a hairstylist and ask them to even out the areas where breakage is more pronounced.

Trimming hair will make them easily manageable and prevent further breakage. Also, you can get some hairstyles that cover up the crown area and make it look fuller. A good hair stylist will help you make the right decision.

8. Minimize The Time Under The Sun

Direct sunlight means exposure to UV rays. It damages the skin as well as hair. Since the crown area gets the most sunlight, breakage starts right from there.

If your work calls for standing under the sun for hours, cover your head with a hat or scarf. You should also use a hair UV protectant to keep your hair safe from the damage of harmful UV rays.

9. Talk To The Doctor

Sometimes the reason behind hair breakage is not superficial but an underlying medical condition. For instance, thyroid disorders cause excessive hair fall along with sudden weight loss.

If there are more symptoms other than hair thinning, visit your doctor and get the right treatment.

Final Words

Hair breakage is a common issue, and understating the reason behind it is the first step to preventing it further. It will help you know how to fix hair breakage on top of your head and get voluminous growth back.

Apart from keeping the above points in mind, try to indulge in a nutrient-rich diet. Increase the intake of iron, zinc, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids to bring back hair health. Keeping stress at bay, taking enough sleep, and doing physical exercises will also improve hair health.

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