How To Get Back Dimples

back dimples

Back dimples, also known as Venusian dimples, are symmterical indentations that appear on the lower back of the body, if they exist. They are considered to be a mark of beauty and are aptly named after Venus, the Roman god of beauty. They are caused by a visible cleft in the sacroiliac joint and are widely believed to be genetic.
Back dimples are not visible in all people and the weight of a person usually does not determine if she or he has back dimples. However, people can gain Venusian dimples through the right exercises. It is highly common among athletes due to the amount of rigorous exercise they undergo. People who possess back dimples commonly report that the dimples become more as the body loses more weight.
A criticial aspect of back dimples is that there is no muscle in the area where the dimples are located. Hence, instead of building up muscles, the best way to make those indentations appear prominently is by losing weight. Weight here refers solely to body fat and not muscle mass or water weight. For people who have a low amount of body fat and no visible dimples, strength training is the best way to get those dimples. As all the muscles in the lower back region get well toned after regular exercise, you should be able to notice slight indendations on your back.

Home Exercises for Lower Back Muscles

Exercising your lower back region is the only way to achieve back dimples.
Doing pull ups and squats on a daily basis for a sustained period will help you in your quest for those elusive dimples. These are often the easiest exercises to perform form the comfort of your home and definitely the ones that you should start with if you are not used to exercising regularly.
Engage in pull ups and squats for about 15 minutes each on a daily basis. Progressively increase the workout time for each exercise before incorporating other exercises into your routine.
Opposite arm and leg raising is another popular method. This exercise increases the stamina of each individual leg and arm leading to a progressive decrease in body fat. This exercise is most effective at strengthening the lower back when combined in tandem with pull ups, squats, superman exercises etc.
The superman exercise, which works the lower back and core muscles, is slighlty harder for beginners to pull off easily as it places a considerable burden on the stomach region. This exercise superman is most effective when combined with a host of other exercises.
Other exercises that you engage in include hip brides, the reverse superman, dead lifts, and overhead squats. Be careful about overworking yourself as these exercises can considerably tire out the body in a very short period of time.

Food intake

Monitoring your calorie intake is vital if you seek to get dimples or make your dimples more prominent. You should start keeping a calorie count of all the food that you consume especially if you have a low metabolism rate.
According to most research, men need around 2500 calories per day and women need around 2000. On a diet, you should ideally consume around 1200-1500 calories per day to observe reductions in body fat. This is a general estimate and if you are worried about these numbers, you should consider contacting an expert to best understand the number of calories your body needs per day.
Moderating or cutting out sodas, beer, red meat, and desserts/cakes from your diet should be one of your first steps. Consuming vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and celery is recommended. Apples, bananas, asaparagus etc. also provide the body with the required amount of nutrients. Ideally, a person should be consuming lean proteins (chicken, fish, and tofu), fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis.
Drinking lots and lots of water is also a great practice as it curbs your appetite. Avoid all kinds of processed juices and use only water for hydration. Drinking one or two large glasses of water before a meal curbs your appetite and enures that you don’t overeat.

Other Exercises

The Smith Machine is a popular tool used in gyms to work the lower back. It is a barbell attached to two vertical guide rails that limit the range of motion. It allows individuals to perform barbell exercises safely and without spotters, as the bar cannot be dropped if the user loses her grip or cannot complete the lift. This machine is commonly used to perform overhead squats and deadlifts. If you are a novice, make sure that you have a trainer with you while using this machine.
Back extensions are aimed at numerous upper and lower back muscles. They are connected to weight blocks, which are adjustable based on a person’s strength. Sit on the machine with your butt against the back of the seat and adjust the padded rollers so they rest against your shoulders. From an upright position, push against the rollers using your lower back muscles until your body is almost horizontal. Slowly return to an upright position and repeat.

In order to get back dimples, you must critically monitor three things: what you eat, how you exercise, and how much water you drink. If dieting and strength training are unable to do the trick, you may need to accept that your body cannot generate back dimples. Don’t let this dishearten you as cannot control your genetics.