How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Clothes?

how to get eyelash glue off clothes

False eyelashes are a part of the makeup to enhance the look of the eyes. When you can find the perfect ones that complement the eyes’ shape and size, it results in an amazing look. But eyelash glue is used for sticking these to the eyes, so one has to be careful while applying it to avoid getting into the eyes or sticking to the clothes. In case the glue falls on your clothes, you need to know ways of removing them. Read on to know more.

Eyelash Glue Off Clothes

6 Ways to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes

Accidentally staining the clothes with eyelash glue can make you panic unless you know the right ways of removing them.

1. Water and Soap: Use this to remove the freshly fallen glue which hasn’t yet dried after falling on the clothes. All you need to do is wet the area with water and lather using soap on the target area. Rinse till all the glue is removed.

2. Adhesive Remover: In case the eyelash glue has dried out on your clothes, an adhesive remover is needed, no matter which type of fabric it is. Check all the instructions on the adhesive remover bottle before using it. Massage the remover on the stained area gently till the glue dissolves. Then wash the cloth just like you do it regularly.

3. Acetone: This is a cheaper way of removing eyelash glue from clothes. Once the glue is dry, take a cotton swab to dab some acetone on the target area. In case the glue is passed on, take another cotton swab and continue till the stains are removed. Leaving it for some minutes will help in dissolving the eyelash glue easily.

4. Ice: Applying ice to the target area will disrupt the binders in the adhesive substance. It can be used only when the adhesive glue hasn’t completely dried out on the clothes. If the stains remain, you can use soap and water to remove them.

5. Fabric Softener: Before washing the clothes, use a fabric softener to remove the eyelash glue on the clothes. For this, combine equal proportions of water and fabric softener in a bottle and spray on the stained area uniformly. A sponge can also be used for this and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat the process till all the glue is removed.

6. Vinegar and Distilled Water: This combination helps in breaking down the eyelash glue and quickly removing the stain. Apply vinegar to the target area first and then leave it for an hour before rinsing off. Make sure to use distilling water only and never use apple cider vinegar as this has tannins that can discolor the clothes.

The above easy techniques for removing eyelash stains from your clothes can help you easily revive your clothes. Make sure to stick to the tips mentioned above while trying to remove the eyelash glue. Thus, you don’t have to try expensive methods for getting rid of the stains on the clothes.

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