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20 Amazing Tips To Get Fit With These Exercises

Getting fit is becoming an obsession these days. First you overeat yourself on those festive days. And then you overeat in tension of getting thin. Isn’t it unfair??? You are just doing injustice with your body.
Other than this today’s work life is also not healthy. Mostly workforce is today engaged in desk jobs. So, you are just all day in front your computer screen. While you are all engrossed in work, i have seen a number of colleague feeling hungry and eating all unhealthy fried foods like chips and chocolate cookies and likewise. Just imagine now, first you are all day at least for 8 hours just sitting without any physical exercise and secondly you are munching all unhealthy junk foods. Won’t you belly increase and you will gain weight in an unhealthy way???
But of course our busy schedule neither allows us to exercise in home nor go to gym regularly. So, what to do???
Don’t worry. Here i am with some of the amazing quick fixes. These will not involve a lot of time and thus is quite comfortable to do. So, head over to the list below and get ready to shed some unhealthy fat.

1. Skipping:

anybody says get fit and i think of rope skipping. Now, this is one of my most favourite and tried and tested formulae to get fit. Take a rope as big as possible. The more bigger the rope; the more healthy you become. So begin with 100 jumps a day and gradually you can increase it as per your stamina. With 200 jumps a day for a month i am sure you will notice marked improvement.

2. Cycling:

Another quick fix is cycling. Now, cycling is something which you will definitely enjoy after a tiring day. Just skip your car or two wheeler on your regular visit to market. Take your cycle and you will start enjoying this exercise. Also, in this ever increasing pollution era this will be your “Go green” initiative.

3. Arm circles:

this is my lazy girl exercise. Now, when i wake up my eyes are half open. I need something to open completely. So, what i do is take my cell in my hand and start checking my social pages. And with my other hand i do make big zeroes with my arm. Now, in this exercise you don’t need to make circles with your complete hand. Just fold your hands and start making zeroes. Do it with both arms. This if regularly done will give you slender arms and eliminate those flabs.

4. Hand circles:

this is another variation of the previous one. You just don’t need to fold your hand. Just open your hands and make as many zero as you want. You can do with one hand at a time or you can do both hands together.

5. Leg circles:

and last variation of circles. Here just make as big zero as you want with your legs. This will put a bit pressure on your thighs. And within some months your thighs will be all toned.

6. Lifting bottles :

when you are watching TV just take two 2 litre bottles on both of your hands. And start putting your hand up and down as you are weight lifting. This will give you really toned arms.

7. Dump lifts:

time to do a little labour. Just dump lifts. Be it your workplace, apartment or the shopping mall. Try to take as many stairs as possible. Gradually you will get used to this.

8. Dancing:

time to shake that booty. Yes, while cooking or doing washing machine, shake your waist. Also, when your favourite song is playing just start dancing with your full body and energy. Let your sweat burn out.

9. Wipe and mob your floor:

time to ditch your housemaid. Just do the floor dusting, wiping and mobbing yourself. Not only your corners will get cleaned but your fats will also get reduced.

10. Take a walk :

when you collect your newspaper or when you are attending to phone calls just walk while talking. This will reduce your extra fats.

11. Waist circles:

this is another fab way to reduce your waist. Just make as much big circle as you can with your waist by just standing at one point. You will see your wait shrinking in no time.

12. Hold your ears :

do you remember what we used to do in good old childhood days when we used to get punishment??? We use to hold our hands and do up and down full bodied. Today i feel it’s a very effective exercise. This is good for tummy and thighs and hands too.

13. Push-ups:

just imagine you are standing while boiling milk or making tea and coffee. What to do?? That is a quite boring time for me. Start doing push-ups against your wall. This is a perfect way to use your time and build some muscles.

14. Playing outdoors:

this era is all about staying indoors. So ditch that boring video games and enjoy a basketball game outside.

15. Treadmill:

treadmill is another exercise which will give your very quick results. Just do 15 minutes workout on every morning and evening and see the sweet sweat.

16. Stretch your back:

when you are bored by sitting for those long hours stretch your back a bit. This will tense and tighten your tummy area.

17. Breathe:

take deep breaths by making your tummy in and out. This will tighten your tummy within no time. and you can do it easily by just sitting in your chair.

18. Jump jump:

while you are getting bored then start jumping at your place. This will reduce and tone your body overall.

19. Baby sitting :

this is a work which involves lots of moving and running. Volunteer yourself for baby sitting. Trust me this is a good and merry making exercise.

20. Be naughty :

and finally this is a fun and naughty tip. Spend some quality time with your partner. Trust me you will shed hell lot of calories.
So what are you waiting for? Getting fit can’t get any more easier and faster. All the best.


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20 Amazing Tips To Get Fit With These Exercises
Getting fit is becoming an obsession these days. First you overeat yourself on those festive days. And then you overeat in tension of getting thin.

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