How to Get Something Out of Your Eye Safely?

how to get something out of eye easy

Sometimes our eyes get very itchy and we tend to get a feeling that something is stuck. Usually these are the dust particles or other smaller substances that are present in the air, that land up into our eyes. Though these foreign objects can be safely removed, at times they can cause damage to the cornea. In such cases immediate medical attention is required to avoid any further injury to the eye. If you have been a victim of these tiny particles bothering your eye, go ahead and read to find out the safe ways to remove them out. Let us read to know in detail how to get something out of your eye safely.

How to Get Something Out of Your Eye Safely

Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands is the most important step as they tend to accommodate most of the bacteria and other dust particles on them. So before you try taking something out of your eye, clean your hands thoroughly and pat them dry with a towel. This will avoid your eyes from getting exposed to any other bacteria that can cause infection. Once clean, you ca proceed to the next step.

Inspecting The Eye And Locating The Object

Go stand in front of the mirror and look into your affected eye first. Try to locate the foreign object exactly before extracting it. Avoid poking the eye as it might hurt the eye further. Try moving your eye up and down, left and right, to feel the object and try having a look at it in the mirror. Be very gentle and patient.

Time To Eyewash

Once you have the located the object, get yourself some sterile eyewash solution mixed in lukewarm water.Put all this mixture in a bowl slightly less than filling it till the rim. Once you have this ready, submerge your face in the bowl. After a few seconds, open your eyes into the bowl and gradually rotate them for maximum exposure. Do this for a minute or so and then lift your head out of the bowl. Blink a few times. Ideally the foreign object should flush out.

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Trying The Tap Water

If the sterile eyewash isn’t readily available, then washing your eyes with tap  water is a good idea too. Instead of rubbing your eyes further, rush to your tap and wash your eyes multiple time. This helps diluting  any kind of chemical effect from the foreign object and can soothe your eyes instantly. Repeat this for a couple of minutes.

Know For How Long To Flush

Over flushing of eyes too can cause severe damage. So one has to be careful with the time they spend doing it. If there is a mild irritant in your eye like soap, ideally you should wash it for five minutes. That would reduce the burning sensation and soothe your eyes.

However, if moderate irritants like pepper get into your eyes, you might have to wash for ten to twenty minutes and seek medical help at the earliest. If stringer irritants like bleach, ammonia and drain cleaner get inside your eyes, then please wash it for an hour and rush for medical emergency.

Get Some Assistance

If after all of this, you still have the foreign object in your eye, call for some help. Ask someone to come inspect your eye for you. Pull your eye down and look upwards for the observer to have a better view. If still not found, inspect your eyelid and clean it properly with a cotton swab. The foreign object should pop out by now, but if the irritation persists, visit the doctor immediately.

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Keep Some Very Important Points in Mind

Now that you know how to remove a foreign object from your eye, we would want that you keep some very important points in mind when handling the eye. Read below!

Avoid Rubbing The Eyes

When eyes are rubbed for a longer time, the cornea tends to get scratched. This can get severe, if right precautions aren’t taken. So if you have something in your eye, try doing the above mentioned steps and refrain from any kind of rubbing.

Never Use Sharp Equipment

No matter how irritating the foreign object gets, never use anything sharp to remove it. More than doing any good, it will harm the eye and might blind you as well. So strictly avoid anything of such kind.

When To Seek For Medical Help

Sometimes the irritation might persist for a day or two after the object has been extracted of your eye, this shouldn’t be a cause of concern. However, if you see these following happening, rush to the doctor.

  1. The object is visible and stuck in the eye.
  2. There is an evident blood spot around the area the object resided.
  3. Your eye has turn highly sensitive and vision has turned blurry,
  4. You are suffering from severe pain.

We hope reading this article would come handy when something gets into your eye, but till then we would suggest that you protect your eyes well and avoid them from getting exposed to these dust particles.

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