How To Put Up Your Hair With A Pencil

How to put up your hair with a pencil

Every day, we are trying new kinds of stuff and fashions ourselves which make a trend. Now the social network is one of the greatest opportunities to support us, whatever we tried or our new ideas can spread in a fraction of a second through a video or message

At present, there is a trend of using a pencil to create casual hairstyles on our own in a simple and tricky way.

In this article, will see the types of hairstyle with a pencil in all varieties of hair. When thinking about a pencil you may remember it is a stationary thing but you don’t know it plays an important part in your trend.

How To Put Up Your Hair Bun With A Pencil

When you are not finding any hair tie or hair band immediately you can do it with the pencil which is in front of you. And also if you are a trendy or innovative person, you can do this hairstyle in your way. But there is some trick to follow to make a variety of hairstyles which are given below.

1. Use A Pencil Holding A Simple Bun

  • The first step put a ponytail on your hair

Gather your all hair together and hold it with your hand, give your thumb finger under the ponytail. And wrapped it with a pointer finger on the top, make sure you should hold it tightly. The ponytail should be held in the center of the back, because when you insert the sharp side of the pencil make sure it will not disturb your neck.

  • Form bun shape

After the ponytail, with your free hand take the entire hair, wrap to the center part for a bun-like look. Twist your hand once or twice, according to your hair; it makes a bun shape to the center. If you want tight hair bun means, hold the pony in one hand. And then tuck the hair ends into the bun and hold it with your hand.

  • Push the pencil into it

Now, take the pencil, make sure that the sharpened side should be pushed into the hair bun, and place it on the top. Just insert the pencil in right or left, facing the angle down, and push it like a weave up and down, crossing the middle of the bun.

Keep doing it and push the pencil,

once it comes out at the other end of the bun.

  • Ending method to get a sleek bun

If any loose hair in the bottom of the hair bun, to alter that, collects the loose hair then just wrap them and tuck it under the bun. This step is not necessary; if you want a perfect and sleek hair bun you may follow it, otherwise you just skip this step.

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2. Locking Double Pencil Twisted Bun

  • Collect the hair and hold

The basic step is the same as the above hair bun method just gather all the hair and hold it in the head. Create a pony with your pointer finger and hold it with the support of your thumb finger in the bottom of the ponytail.

  • Place the two pencils horizontally

Take the two pencils; keep them under the ponytail in the horizontal direction. The eraser ends the pencil on the left side and sharpens the pencils on the right side. Now, wrap the ponytail with the pencil two times and hold the edge part of the hair in the other hand.

  • Secure the hair buns by rotating the pencils

In a clockwise direction, rotate the pencils and push the eraser end to the top of the head, push it down. The eraser ends in the center and stands in the vertical direction. The sharpened side of the pencils comes out to the bottom of the hair bun which is secured now.

If you want a more uniform look, push the pencils straight down or rotate them in an opposite direction, pushing them in an inward position. This hairstyle is over, now you can look stylish and simple.

3. Can Do Pencil Braided Bun

  • Do braid in your hair

Gather all the hairs, divided them into three strands, and do the basic braid which is normally done in our home. At the end of the braid, to secure your hairstyle use a tiny hair tie band to protect the braid.

  • Roll the braid like coil

The second step after tying the braid with the band on the edge do this step. Take the braid up and straight, and roll it toward your head like a coil. The rolling continues till the braid is inwards completely, we cannot see the hair tie in the coil-like bun.

  • Push the pencil from up to a down to the braid

After rolling the braid into the bun finally take the pencil, use the sharp side of the pencil from the top of the rolling bun, pushing it down the pencil. Make a clockwise rotation to secure the brain bun in an exact place.
If you are not able to rotate, just push the pencil down and, you can rotate now. Do your braid tight, because you get a secure and perfect braid bun. Always make sure that the pencil-sharpened side is just above the nape of the head.

Image Credit: freepik

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