9 Instagram Makeup Trends That Look Pretty in Real Life

instagram makeup trends

Every makeup enthusiast knows that social media sharing site Instagram is one of the best places to see the latest makeup trends. You name it — from wavy eyebrows, the viral Asian makeup transformation, to unicorn highlighters — everything from strange to beautiful makeup looks can be found on Instagram. And speaking of beautiful makeup trends from Instagram, there are quite a lot of them. They make use of impeccable artistry and technique that when you see the makeup looks in real life, you cannot help but be in awe of them.

More importantly, these trends have nothing to do with those excessive amounts of face oils and highlighters before the application of excessive amounts of full coverage foundation (a recipe for a breakout). They are always more focused on teaching how to create a look and not so much on promoting the hottest cosmetic products on the market.

So, if you like to take inspiration from Instagram in creating your own makeup looks, rounded up below are nine of the trends that look gorgeous on Instagram, as well as real life.

9 Best Instagram Makeup Trends

1. Halo Eyes

If you are all about the dramatic eyes, you cannot go wrong with halo eye makeup. You create this look by building up color, blending the edges to get rid of harsh lines, and the proper placement of your statement eyeshadow color in the center. This makeup look is fabulous and it is ideal to wear for special occasions where full-on glam is a must.

2. The “Cruellade Vil” Black and White Lashes

How anybody thought that mixing a few white lash hairs to feathery falsies could work is just genius. The stray whites are almost undetectable but they give the illusion of fuller yet more natural-looking lashes.

A few lash brands carry these Cruella de Vil-inspired options and they are worth giving a try in making your eye makeup look more glamorous.

3. Mineral Makeup Flawlessness

Mineral makeup has made a strong comeback this year. It is now the trend for achieving full coverage and flawless skin, especially after Instagram videos have shown how effective mineral makeup powder foundation covered the burn scars of YouTuber, Shalom Blac.

What’s even more impressive about this trend is it works for all skin types and conceals practically all skin woes just like the fullest coverage liquid foundation on the market. Yet, it is a lightweight veil on the skin that does not look powdery and boasts amazing staying power.

However, if you want the flawless finish achieved with mineral makeup, you need to invest in long-established brands such as Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, Cover FX, and L‘Oreal True Match. These are the mineral makeup products commonly featured in Instagram videos and have performed well in various product tests.

4. The Guide Tape

This Instagram hack/trend of placing a guide tape on the sides of the eyes has been around for the last few years and it helps with keeping eye shadow and eyeliner application truly precise. It really works. But, you do not need those special guide tapes sold at Sephora to create a fierce cat-eye or a lifted eye makeup look. Washi or your regular Scotch tape can do the trick.

As a makeup trend, using an eye shadow/liner guide tape is bound to stay because it is especially helpful for makeup beginners who struggle in creating even eye lines with shadow or liner. Plus, the “cut” the tape creates is actually a good guide for a bit of blending to feather out the eye shadow color and make the look less dramatic or intense.

5. “7” Highlight

Following the shape of the number 7 for the highlighter application has now gotten big on Instagram because it is actually the “pretty way” to apply some glow. Rihanna’s makeup artist, Priscilla Ono stands by this highlight application technique because it creates the loveliest glow that looks natural. It is not just a blunt stripe of the product.

When you use this highlighting method, you start from the brow bone and bring the product down to the top of your cheekbones. This ensures that the highlighter is placed correctly on the high points on the sides of your face, plus, it is blended beautifully with your blush and contour.

6. “Kawaii” Glittery Eyes

This is the hottest makeup trend in Asia because a little bling around the eyes achieves a fun and youthful appearance. There truly is nothing much to it because you create the look with liquid glitter eyeliner pens which are available in Asian cosmetic bars, and are a breeze to work with.

Glittery eyes look “kawaii” (cute in Japanese), and it’s the perfect look for young people who want their peepers to sparkle.

7. The Double “Cat” Line

Basically, this Instagram makeup trend creates a funky two-toned cat-eye with traditional black eyeliner applied close to the lashes and a different color of eyeliner placed right above it. You get a thicker “eye line” with this look but with more pizzazz because of the subtle pop of color.

If you have already mastered eyeliner application, this makeup trend is easy to jump in on. Also, you do not need to invest in funky colored eyeliners to pull it off. You can just use eye shadow colors and apply them wet with an eyeliner brush. The best thing about this makeup trend is as simple as it is, it enhances or alters the shape of your eyes and gives them quite a unique look.

8. Faux Freckles

Freckles are no longer seen as skin imperfections – they are marks of healthy, glowing skin. Unfortunately, not everybody is gifted with these beauty spots, which is why a lot of women started faking them. In the last couple of years, creating faux freckles has been a top makeup trend on Instagram.

Many dived right into it because of how charming and deceptively real they look. For the best-looking faux freckles, all you really need is smudge-proof brown eyeliner to create a nice smattering of light spots on your cheeks and nose bridge.

9. The “Shy” Blush

This rose to great popularity as well because who does not like the look of a healthy flush on the cheeks? The “shy” blush trend is particularly nice because it creates the look of lovely flushed cheeks that you get when you are feeling bashful or happy. It does not appear like makeup at all.

The key to getting a “shy” blush effect is to apply cheek tint all over the apples of your cheeks and even slightly higher up your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, as well as at the sides of your eyes. Plus, complement it with a bit of highlight on the brow bone and the tip of the nose for a warm glow.

Instagram makeup trends can be a hit or miss in real life. However, the nine discussed here are absolute winners. Try recreating them for special occasions and in your everyday makeup.