Kim Kardashian Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

kim kardashian contouring highlighting

Contouring and highlighting are the oldest practices in the makeup industry, they help to enhance our features and sculpt our face. Contouring is makeup trick that helps to create your cheekbones, nose and chin perfect. As we all know Kim kardashian is queen of contouring. She is world famous TV star and fashion icon. She is an average girl with bare face but plays with her features with the help of contouring and highlighting. Kim use Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. We know contouring and highlighting goes side by side. Let us read to know some interesting tips on how kim kardashian contouring tutorial.

Contouring Tips

1. Apply the foundation that matches your skin tone and select one shade darker for the shadows and one shade light for the areas to want to highlight or keep lighter.

2. Matte for areas you want to recede and shimmer for highlighting. Use sparkle for cheekbones as it will draw attention.

3. For dark skin tone highlighting is best as dark skin already plays up shadowy areas, so avoid deepening the shadows of your face.

4. The areas you should darken are:

  • Lines under your cheekbones
  • Area around your hairline
  • Your jaw line
  • Sides of your nose
  • Creases of your eyes
  • Under your chin
  • Down your neck
  • To hide double chin

5. The areas to hit with lighter shade:

  • Under your eyes
  • Center of four head
  • Center of chin
  • Strip down middle of your nose

6. Blend away the lines with the help of blending brushes or sponge.

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Kim Kardashian Contouring Tutorial

Now comes the different steps of contouring adopted by Kim kardashian

Contouring of Cheekbones

Step 1 – (Use Bronzer): Use a cream bronzer which is darker than your skin tone and is of warm undertone. While applying firstly draw a thin line on brush with the help of finger below the brow bone. Starting from right off your ear and make the line thinner as it goes downward towards your inside face. Stop at the end of your cheekbone.

Step 2 – (Use Blush):While contouring blush is very important as skin will look yellow for those who have fair skin tone should go with soft pink color. With olive skin tone should go for brighter. Use cream product to apply blush as it is easy to blend. Put the blush on bronzer, right on cheekbone. Blend the blush until there are defined lines.

Step 3 – (Use Concealer): Apply foundation before contouring as it gives better definition of cheekbones.

Step 4 – (Use Highlighter): Finally, apply highlighter after blush on the bone, where temples meet apply little bit there. You can blend it fingers as it will look natural.

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Contouring of Nose

Step 1- (Draw Two Lines on Both Sides of Nose): Apply foundation firstly. With the help of angled shadow brush draw contour lines on both sides of your nose.

Step 2 – (Highlight the Bridge): Select the highlighter which is lighter than your skin tone and apply it from top of your nose to ball of your nose. Must apply the highlighter in thin lines.

Step 3 – (Blend the Harsh Lines): Using sponge or brush, blend away the harsh lines.

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Contouring of Forehead

Apply bronze on each temple and blend it off. As it will cause an effect of head to look more rounded. Sides of forehead should be contoured in triangular shape. It depends upon the shape of your face how much to contour. For square space contour larger, for oval face deeper triangles are preferred.

Contouring of Chin

Apply highlighter at the center of chin for small or thin chin. Apply bronze with jaw line and blend it to minimize the double chin. It strengthens the jaw line and creates depth. To avoid mask look you must apply contouring color on neck.

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Contouring of Eyes

Contouring of eye is done at back of your eye which is going upward towards the temple.

Contouring of Lips

A deep shade of color is applied to entire lip for slip lips. For plump up thin lips, one can apply a light lip color with gloss over it. Between the peaks of upper lip and below the center of lower lip highlighter is applied to give a pouty look.

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