Top 18 Lily Cole Hairstyles &aHaircuts Ideas to Try Out Now

lily cole hairstyles

Want a change of hairstyle for all occasions? Do make like mesmerizing Lily Cole, she has tried a lot of styles that you can try very easily. She has attended many special celebrations, where excellently wears her different hairstyles. Frankly, her beautiful and cute round face is suitable for all styles. Looking for a romantic wedding hairstyle for your big day? Here are some pretty romantic hairdos to pick from Lily Cole.

1. Center Parted Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Center Parted Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Do you want to create a glamorous center-parted shoulder-length hairstyle like Lily Cole’s hairstyle? After your hair is thoroughly dry, create a center part. You can create shoulder-length hair by combing it using your fingers and then using a light-hold texture spray.

2. Copper Shade Style With Clip

Copper Shade Style With Clip

When it comes to hairstyle whether it is a night out or a special event especially a wedding this copper shade hairstyle is an excellent way to avail an elegant look. Lilly Cole’s copper shade hairstyle completely changed her look into a beautiful lady.

3. Long Messy Style

Long Messy Style

You can get a trendy hairstyle look like Lilly Cole by getting long messy hair. This messy long hairstyle is flattering and suitable for mostly all type of face cuts.

4. Soft Curly Hairstyles

Soft Curly Hairstyles

Lilly Cole was ready to bring soft curly hair to the world of medium-length curls, with a shoulder-length side part that gives a super cute look. Her beauty has been enhanced by this hairstyle.

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5. Short Hair With Bang

Short Hair With Bang

Lily Cole’s short hair bangs are stunning to look at. It gives extra shape and dimension to her tousled locks. This hairstyle makes her cheekbones and eyes stand out and grab everyone’s attention.

6. Curly Hair With Side Swept Bang

Curly Hair With Side Swept Bang

Lily Cole looks stunning in this hairstyle with dramatically curled side bangs for an old Hollywood star vibe. If your hair doesn’t have a naturally curly texture, you can use a curling iron and some hairspray to achieve this classic look for your special occasions.

7. Medium Layered Hairstyle

Medium Layered Hairstyle

Sometimes this medium layered hairstyle will give you the look that a short haircut can’t freshen up your look. Also, cutting medium-length layers is an easy way to achieve a different look. Lily Cole looks like a gorgeous doll in this hairstyle.

8. Long Thick Hair

Long Thick Hair

If you prefer low-maintenance cuts, adding long, thick layers will fulfill your wish. This hairstyle lightens Lily Cole’s hair and acts as a secret weapon for her thick hair.

9. Medium Straight Hair

Medium Straight Hair

Medium straight hair is a great hairstyle that can be easily achieved between long tresses and a short haircut. This hairstyle has made Lily Cole a trendy and attractive hairstyle.

10. Lily Cole’s Brown Hairstyle

Lily Cole's Brown Hairstyle

Warm brown hair has contained copper red that renders luxurious depth and dimensions to the hair. Lily Cole’s brown hairstyle is easy to maintain and it will effortlessly breathe some life into the hair. You may style it with some curly for a sultry feel.

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11. Copper Medium Hairstyle

Copper Medium Hairstyle

Lily Cole’s hairstyle features a light golden hue with copper medium highlights to give her natural hair a shiny, healthy look. It is a great choice for women with full faces, because it creates the necessary height at the top and balances out the chubby face.

12. Soft Curly Bob Style

Soft Curly Bob Style

Lily Cole’s hairstyles are easy on the viewer, but everyone loves them. A soft curly bob makes her hairstyle more polished. Her short-length bob hairstyle completes the cute ensemble.

13. Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Lily Cole’s blonde bob is not only good for events but also ravishing for homecoming and prom. If you love this blonde bob hairstyle, why don’t you try this style to obtain a glam overall?

14. End Curly Straight Hair – Tousled Curly

End Curly Straight Hair - Tousled Curly

The long straight curly end style makes a superb statement on its own. Lilly Cole tousled curly is a great fashion to have if you are wearing the perfect outfit. This style allows you to do low maintenance that still shows off the texture.

15. Pinky-end Short Hair With Bang

Pinky-end Short Hair With Bang

Lily Cole opts for pink-shade short hair with bangs. This particular bang embrace her texture and it also refreshed her look very well. You can also have this if you don’t mind achieving this with the help of styling tools.

16. Lily Cole’s Sleek Hairstyle With Band

Lily Cole's Sleek Hairstyle With Band

A sleek hairstyle will work excellently for people who want to make a small change with maximum impact. Lily Cole has this wonderful sleek hairstyle, in addition, a band on her head will add some extra finishing look to her.

17. Messy Updo

Messy Updo

When you choose this hairstyle, you can get a beautiful and elegant look like Lily Cole’s hairstyle for any of your special occasions. When you pull your long hair up, twist it all over and center it on top of your head, you can get this amazing hairstyle look.

18. Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Lilly Cole’s side ponytail hairstyle is an amazing way to wear the hair more formally and it won’t look more uptight. The addition of a bun turns the view into a feminine style that is worthy of your next glam occasion.

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