12 Side Effects of Low Carb Diet Need To Know About

low carb diet side effects

Going on a low carb diet is the first thing that comes to the mind of a person planning to go on a diet. Reducing your carb intake reduces your nutrient intake as well. It leads to a number of side effects most of which are minor ones. They linger for a short period of time after which the body adjusts itself. Lower your carbs to a moderate level instead of making it very low. A low carb diet of 100 to 200 grams of carbs is best suitable.

12 Unexpected Low Carb Diet Side Effects

1. Frequent Urination

The extra glycogen present in the liver and muscles are broken down releasing more water. This water is excreted by the kidneys. Additionally, the dropping of the insulin circulation, the kidneys also begin excreting the sodium in the body which further increases your trip to the bathroom.

2. Hypoglycemia

Be sure to have some transient blood sugar episodes when you suddenly plan a low carb diet. Your body is habituated to release a certain amount of insulin to break down the sugar you previously consumed. Lowering your carbs takes some time for the body to adjust to. During this period you will face some episodes of low blood sugar.

3. Headaches

While you are going through your period of ketosis during the low carb diet, flu like symptom, light head feeling are common for a few days. To ensure that you are not losing sodium, add one tablespoon of salt in you drinking water sometimes. When going for a low carb diet ensure that your water and sodium intake is optimum.

4. Constipation

On your low carb diet you are consuming a lot less of those essential fibers that are needed by the body for the smooth passage of faeces. It is natural to have constipation, especially if you are consuming a lot of dairy products to supplement your protein. You need to drink loads of water and fibrous low-carb vegetables to ensure the smooth working of your digestive system.

5. Sugar Craving

You will feel intense desire of consuming sweet products as you have completely cut them out of your diet. It will eventually subside and you will feel better. Stick to your resolution to get over this problem as it shall abide eventually.

6. Muscle Cramps

Low diet triggers muscle cramps in the initial stages of diet adjustments as the loss of magnesium in the new diet plans affects the functioning of the body.

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7. Sleep Disorder

On a low carb diet many individuals undergo low insulin and serotonin conditions which causes sleep disorder. Consult your doctor for a healthy solution to sleeplessness.

8. Kidney Stones

Many people have complained of being affected by kidney stones right after they stopped consuming carb diets. If you are facing such problems then consult your doctor t once.

9. Irregular Menstruation

This is a short term side effect. It is probably happening to you if you are going on such a diet to reduce your weight quickly. The hormones are stored in the fats of the body. Burning fat releases them into the bloodstream. These extra hormones in the bloodstream cause irregular periods and occasional spotting.

10. Mood Swings

The mood swings are bound to happen. The body chemistry is difficult to comprehend and it definitely affects our mental health as well. When the body is trying to adapt to the new diet changes it puts stress on the body which also affects our mental health. Once you get used to it you will have better mental state than before.

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 11. T3 Thyroid Hormone Level Lowered

This is a natural side effect that comes with lowering of T3 thyroid hormone and one should not perceive it in  a negative sense. If the level is alarmingly low, we suggest visiting an endocrinologist and take proper consultation before continuing the low carb diet.

12. Hair Loss

A major change in diet generally triggers a lot of hair fall. Consult your doctor if it is worrying you. The problem goes away with time.

These are some of the side effects of a low carb diet. Most of them are a short term side effect and go away overtime. You need to balance your diet properly so that the body adjusts to your new diet faster. Low Card Diet can be healthy but occurrence of side effects shouldn’t be neglected. If the side effects persist, medical attention should be immediately taken.

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