Best Makeup Remover Hacks in Your Kitchen

Makeup Remover Hacks

Below are the hidden nature secrets… Shhh !

We all love makeup as it enhances our beauty and help us to look gorgeous. But, does your skin really love that makeup? The answer is a big NO. While going to bed we must remove makeup because while sleeping our skin regenerates. You all have heard that. There are so many makeup removers available in market but there are always two sides of a coin. On one side you wish to relax that beautiful face of yours, and the other side using makeup remover will get your skin in contact with more chemicals. No! No! No!!! Then what is it? Check these Natural Makeup Remover Tricks Available in your Closet, without those Horrible Chemicals.

1. Using Honey and Baking Soda: Can be used on any type of makeup. All you have to do is put little honey on washed cloth and damp baking soda on it. Relax your skin with this simple trick.

2. Using Olive Oil: It a natural makeup remover: It also has different healing properties. Just apply it over your face and massage. Using cotton wipe off the face. It will remove all makeup and will give a natural glow to your face.
Quick Tip:Tip: if you have sensitive or dry skin then go for castor oil or jojoba oil.

3. Using Baby Oil: If you don’t have olive oil then you must try baby oil. It is very mild on your skin. Mascara is the hardest makeup to remove but with help of baby oil it becomes a child play. Just pour some baby oil on cotton ball and wipe off the makeup and at last using cloth wipe off the oil left behind on your face. Girls having oily skin must go for baby oil.

4. Using Milk: One of the best natural eye makeup removers. Using cotton ball apply the milk on face and swipe your eye makeup and rinse your face with Luke warm water.

5. By Steam: Yes, steam removes makeup. Fill up a bowl with hot water and lean over it in such way that your face gets proper stream. And your makeup will be removed.

6. Using Rose water: Rose water can also be used to remove makeup. Apply some rose water on your skin using cotton and your makeup will be removed. It is one of the best natural ways to remove heavy makeup.

7. Using Yogurt: Apply yogurt on your face and massage. Leave it for few minutes and then wipe it off with warm cloth. It will clean as well as brighten your skin.

8. Using Cucumber Juice: Mix cucumber juice and olive oil and apply it on your skin as it will deep clean the pores and conditions the skin.

9. Using Cucumber and Milk: Grate the cucumber and add milk to it and simmer it for 10 minutes then cool it and blend. Apply the mixture to your face and wipe it off gently. It will remove all our makeup.

10. Using Banana: Mash the banana and make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and wipe it off with cotton. It will remove the makeup and dirt. It will also act as a cleanser for your pretty face.

11. Using Sesame and Coconut Oil: Mix the sesame and coconut oil in same quantity and apply it on face and eye lids. It works as good eye makeup remover and face makeup remover.

12. Using Almond Oil: Using finger tips apply oil on you face and clean the face with wet cotton and cloth. It works as great makeup remover.

13. Using Whole Milk and Almond Oil: Take a bowl and mix milk and almond oil in it. Using cotton ball apply it all over your face and wait for 5 minutes to dry. Dip another cotton ball in mixture and squeeze to remove excess fluid.Rub it on eyes and face. Continue till all milk is absorbed by face and no traces are left. Wash your face. Milk has hydrating property and will moisturize your skin. Almonds are used for skin lightening benefits.

So Stop looking here and look which of the above is readily available at your home to protect and take care naturally of your wonderful skin!

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