Top 20 Proven Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen Health Benefits

Does the name mangosteen sound familiar to you? We doubt it would. This tropical fruit is often known as the ‘queen of fruits’ and it is really surprising that not many of know about it. Well, worry not because this post is solely dedicated to Mangosteen health benefits. Before we get to the numerous benefits it has, let’s find out more about this lesser know miracle fruit. Found in tropical regions, this dark-purple colored fruit with a thick skin is mostly found in Southeast Asia.

Take a Look at Some of These Fun Facts

  • In China, the bark is used for tanning leather.
  • People in Ghana, use the twigs as chew sticks.
  • You can make wood tar from it’s stem and use it to blacken teeth. Now, why would someone want to do that?
  • Parts of it are used in making rice pounders, spears and are also used for making cabinets. Wow!!!
  • As per some history reports, this was supposedly Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit. I wonder if that’s how it got it’s tag of ‘queen of fruits’.
  • You can also get your hands on some yummy mangosteen jams or desserts.

mangosteen jams

Alright, time to find out what all the hype is about this tropical fruit.

Top 20 Mangosteen Health Benefits

1. Cancer Fighter

The search for anti-cancer agents is a never ending process and the more natural remedies we find, the better. Right on the line of this thought is mangosteen which contains xanthone and it has proved that it can prevent against skin cancer and also slow down the process of prostate cancer.

2. Healthy Digestion

Remember how all the health articles focus on taking high fiber food to maintain a healthy digestion? If you are bored of your regular high fiber food, then it’s time to give mangosteen a try!

3. Anti-Aging Saviour

More than anything, this is the benefit that we ladies are always on the lookout for and isn’t it cool that we can get rid of all the wrinkles and fine lines with the help of this exotic fruit called mangosteen? It’s catechins content fights all those free radicals and helps in keeping our skin younger looking.

4. Goodbye Bad Cholesterol

Including mangosteen in your daily diet will benefit your body by maintaining the cholesterol levels. It will also increase the levels of good cholesterol.

5. Remedy For Gum Diseases

If you are suffering from periodontitis which is a gum disease and nothing seems to work for you, then you should try a mangosteen gel. Studies have proved that mangosteen can be beneficial in curing gum diseases.

6. Rich In Antioxidants

Mangosteen is filled with antioxidants which makes it a supremely beneficial fruit to be had every day. This quality has also given it a tag of ‘healing fruit’.

7. Healthy Heart

Vitamin B1 plays a key role in keeping you’re your heart healthy and running. And our wonder fruit, mangosteen is abundantly enriched with vitamin B complex.

Healthy Heart

8. Relief From PMS Symptoms

PMS – just the mention of these three letters can conjure up some painful memories. Time to put away those memories away forever by indulging in mangosteen during your periods.
Mangosteen contains manganese which is what our body needs to deal with the PMS symptoms

9. No More Acne Spots

Show some love to your skin and start eating this magical fruit immediately if you want those acne spots, blemishes, dark spots, oily skin, etc., to vanish.

10. Prevention From Tuberculosis

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties present in mangosteen makes it absolutely beneficial in preventing tuberculosis.

11. Control On Blood Pressure

Keeping your blood pressure normal is very vital and not something to be taken very lightly. Having a mangosteen is one of the easiest ways to keep your blood pressure in check. This is because it consists of copper, manganese and potassium; all of which help in regulating your blood pressure levels.

12. Battles Against Allergies And Inflammation

With anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, mangosteen is considered to be beneficial in battling all those allergies and inflammation that our body gets affected from.

13. Stimulates Proper Growth

For our body to grow properly we need sufficient amount of copper in the body and eating mangosteen can fulfil this need. The high content of copper in mangosteen helps in the growth of various organ tissue’s in the body.

14. Inhibiting Infection

We often fall prey to various infections due to the growth of fungi and bacteria. Including mangosteen in your diet can help you in inhibiting the growth of these bacteria and fungus and keep you safe from infections.

15. Vitamin C Rich

Did you know that the recommended intake of vitamin C is 12% on a daily basis? You can easily meet this requirement by just having 100 grams of mangosteen.

16. Immunity Booster

Your immune system is what makes or breaks your body so keeping it safe and sound is really vital. Mangosteen at your rescue again! With loads of vitamin C and xanthones, using mangosteen as an immunity booster is the perfect choice.

17. Healthier Bowel

Mangosteen consists of dietary fiber which can be used as a cure for bowel related disorders like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramping, etc. The dietary fiber makes it easier to pass the stool through your intestinal tract. So, the next time you are going through a bowel disorder, have some mangosteen for positive relief.

18. Loss Of Weight

Regular intake of mangosteen can aid you in your weight loss goals.

19. Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common problem with a number of people affected by it. There are a number of treatments prescribed to control diabetes but if you are looking for a natural remedy, then we suggest you use mangosteen.
Research has proved that mangosteen can maintain the levels of blood sugar and hence, makes it a perfect natural remedy for diabetes.

20. Medicinal Use

  • The next time you have a wound, take some leaves and bark of the mangosteen tree, mix it with other medicinal herbs and apply it on the wound.
  • You can also boil the leaves and bark of the tree to prepare a medicinal drink.
  • Gosh!!! Are you also wondering where this miracle fruit was kept hidden until now? I cannot believe that this one fruit can take away all our worries. I am all set to give my palette a taste of this unfamiliar yet fascinating fruit.
  • With these benefits, it would be really a crime not to include it in our daily diet. So try it out and share your experience with us.

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