How To Have an Abortion at Home

Regardless of the feeling which a woman undergoes after knowing she is pregnant, sometime it made also be shocking. Unplanned pregnancy can be shocking for a couple, where they ultimately conclude their problems with ‘abortion’. Termination pregnancy is a big thing, but the process can be successful if you have been following the procedure properly and keeping it abit private. However, if you have just going under the shock of unwanted pregnancy, we mention you few home remedies that can help in terminating the pregnancy at home.

1. Vitamin C food

Most of the doctors and experts have suggested increasing the intake of vitamin C food helps to terminate pregnancy. Vitamin C helps to warm up the uterus which in turn triggers the hormone thus leading to monthly periods. You might have heard about miscarriages in pregnant ladies are commonly due to excess intake of Vitamin C food, as the amount of vitamin C found in these fruits leads to miscarriage in early stages of pregnancy. Fruits like orange, lemon, papaya, kiwi, tomatoes, bell peppers and dark leafy vegetables contain high amount of vitamin C, which can help in terminating the problem.

2. Including Laxatives

There are various times when miscarriage in women is due to laxatives. Generally, laxatives are those food, compounds or medicines which are used to induce proper bowel moment in the body and also loose stools. Surprisingly, it also contains some compounds which lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. Due to this result of laxatives in body of pregnant women, it can ideally be used to abort during unplanned pregnancy.

3. Papaya

All the nine month of a pregnant lady has to spend strictly without eating papayas. Papaya always had bad history for leading miscarriage in a pregnant lady due to the high amount of vitamin C and enzymes found in the fruit. Study says this fruit has a high capacity to melt meat so it has degenerating effect on the unwanted fetus. Also, it helps to trigger the monthly cycle in the body.

4. Spices like cinnamon

Cinnamon is one among those spices which helps to safely abort at home. Cinnamon helps to stimulate the uterus which can easily induce abortion and also reduce the pain associated with it. Right amount of cinnamon in the body can help you to achieve goals privately which means it is extremely good home remedy for abortion. Apart from abortion, cinnamon is extremely safe for consumption as it is a healthy spice which benefits your body.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple has a notorious history for causing miscarriage in women. This is because ofProtease enzyme bromelain in pineapple which is more similar to papain found in papayas. Bromelain in pineapple helps to soften the cervix which helps to induce menstruation and also leads to abortion at same time. Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice once or twice a day can help you to make this thing possible.

6. Parsley

Right amount of intake of parsley in the body can help to abort easily at home without any complications. This special green herb contains emmenagogue which helps to soften the cervix, just like what pineapple does in the body. Due to high amount of Vitamin C andemmenagogue found in parsley leads to combined action of contraction or uterus and dilation of cervix. Softening of cervix can help to get regular monthly periods and also result in successful abortion. thing to be remembered here is if you are talking Vitamin C and Parsley together for the same purpose, keep the quantity of any one of the two in equal ‘less’. If both the things are consumed together than there are chances of few temporary side effects.

7. Aspirin

From all the method mentioned above, this is the least reliable thing you can rely on getting positive results. There have been no scientific proof and conclusion that aspirin helps in abortion but facts say it helps to improve the chances of abortion 7 times in early pregnancy. However, to make this successful and affective you need to take high doses of aspirin and consult the doctor once.

8. Blue or black Cohosh

This is an effective herb which practices the uterus for abortion. After talking the black Cohosh, they should be immediate intake of red Cohosh only than you can expect the positive results. Only intake of black and red Cohosh will not terminate pregnancy in itself but there are regular doses which are required to be taken. Talking about the dosage required for abortion, that it actually varies from person to person depending upon the days of pregnancy. Regardless of being an effective herb and safe to be used, there are some temporary side effects for the herb. So, it is important to consult a doctor before talking up doses of black Cohosh.

9. High Dosage of Vitamin C

It is often said that high dosage of Vitamin C can help to induce abortion and is quite safe to be taken. Regardless of the fact that vitamin C is found in most of the fruits, taking supplements of Vitamin C have proved to be more beneficial. Initially you need to take 500 mg in the initial days, and then increase it upto 1000 and then 1200 as the day passes by. As the level of Vitamin C increases in the body, the level of estrogen in the body also increases at the same level. As the level of estrogen in the body increases it helps to defeat the progesterone level in the body, which is the element which contributes in development of foetus. Due to significant decrease in progesterone, it leads to safe and healthy abortion.

10. Sesame seeds

Apart from the benefits of sesame seeds to the body, there lays the most unacquainted and unknown fact about sesame seed i.e. its induction to abortion. You need to take handful of sesame seeds and soak it in water and leave it undisturbed until morning. You need to drink this flavoured water twice or thrice a day which helps to make this process a successful one. At the same time, you can include consumption of sesame seeds in your diet and consume them on regular basis.These were some of the easy and simple home remedies for abortion.

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