Natural Hair Dye From Potato Peelings

Appearance of grey hair is not always related to ageing. Sometimes there is an early appearance of grey hair or increase in grey hair formation due to excessive stress or tension. Another reason for the appearance of grey hair is genetic factors. There are numbers of cosmetic products in the market but they are not exactly the best solution due to the chemicals that are included in the product. This only works as a temporary solution that helps for a short time. Natural remedies are said to work better. The best home based remedy is to use the potato peels that provide a permanent solution to eliminate grey hair. The result can be seen in just few days after you start using potato peels help to remove grey hair.

Natural Hair Dye From Potato Peelings

How to Make a Hair Dye with Potatoes?

  • Just take 6 medium size potatoes, peel the skin after cleaning them properly with water.Place the peels in a pan and add up to 500 ml of water.¬†Heat on medium flame and then let it boil for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Leave it for some time to cool and put the liquid mixture into a container. To get different and unique savor, merge few drops of essential oil of lavender or rosemary oil. ¬†
  • Rinse your head and for 100% effective natural hair treatment you need to create homemade shampoo and after shampooing your hair apply conditioner and leave it for few seconds then wash it with water. Then finally use the solution after conditioning your hair.
  • Try to massage your scalp then use potato peels in your hair without washing it. This treatment must be applied every day for 2-3 times in every week.This will help to combat with grey hair.

To dye your hair with potato peel is best to use that provides you right, natural and effective solution to get rid of white hair in a few days. Choose this option to obtain natural dye hair.

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