Top 10 Natural Laxatives That Comes Handy

foods that are natural laxatives

Nothing feels good if your morning routine goes awry. The stomach feels bloated and the heaviness often compels a person to skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The reason being solidification of waste material in your body which has caused a major roadblock and toxins can’t find an easy passage out. Constipation is a very common problem and factors like stress, hypothyroidism, irregular eating habits and intake of strong medicines can make the condition even more acute.
You may not have constipation but you are still facing poop-problem then natural solutions can come to your aid. Now you don’t have to look for chemical quick-fixes to relieve yourself. Natural solutions will also work instantly and effectively.

10 natural laxatives that will clear your gut and make you smile with relief

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples are not only rich in minerals it also contains digestive fiber and pectin which helps to regulate bowel movement. If you can blend a spoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water then your constipation problem will disappear. Use organic apple cider vinegar since it is unfiltered and you can reap all its benefits.

2. Tomatoes

Include more tomatoes in your diet since it is rich in fiber and vitamin K, C and A. The digestive fiberwill stimulate bowel movement and your body will be free of toxins daily. Tomatoes also contain antioxidants which will protect you from the risk of prostrate and colon cancer.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel can make your hair and skin glow, similarly drinking aloe vera juice can relieve you of severe constipation. The anthraquinones in aloe verawill free your intestines from waste buildup and make you feel good inside out. Aloe vera juice has a potential to improve your overall health condition.

4. Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are a powerhouse of fiber that adds bulk to the stools. This will cure stubborn constipation and improve your digestive health. Beans and legumes also contain a fair amount of protein and minerals that will make you strong and healthy. Add legumes and beans to your salads and curries to make it yummy!

5. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

A little bit of oil can help the stools to pass out easily from the intestine. If you have a spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach then the waste will come out easily without causing any pain or discomfort. Add a bit of lemon juice to the olive oil as it also helps to cure constipation.

6. Blackstrap Molasses

Regular molasses is made by boiling and crystallizing pure cane sugar juice. If you boil cane sugar juice for a third time the end product becomes blackstrap molasses. This molasses contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals like magnesium which is an antidote for constipation (both severe and occasional). A spoon of blackstrap molasses every morning on an empty stomach is all you need. You can increase the dose if you feel that one teaspoon was not enough. Those who don’t like the taste of molasses can dilute it in a glass of warm water and drink it down in a single gulp.

7. Coffee

Your morning cuppa doesn’t only wake you up completely it also makes your bowel movements regular. One to two cups of coffee can relieve you from constipation. However, if you overdo it then you will go back to square one. Coffee acts like a diuretic and will compel you to urinate frequently; it will also dehydrate your body and cause constipation. So it is best you indulge in coffee sparingly.

8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a versatile home remedy and it works very well for relieving constipation and stomach aches. The bicarbonate in baking soda neutralizes the acid in your stomach and helps the waste to come out clear from the gut. Baking soda helps to release the gas trapped in your stomach and this reduces bloating, pain and pressure. All you have to do is blend one teaspoon of baking soda to a quarter cup of warm water. Drink this down really fast.

9. Prunes

Prunes work as a natural laxative because it contains a high amount of fiber and sorbitol. Sorbitol is a natural carbohydrate and can’t be ingested naturally. This sorbitol content adds bulk to the stools and makes it easy to pass. Don’t have too much of prunes because it can cause diarrhea. A glass or two of prune juice will cure constipation.

10. Cabbage

Cabbage just not stimulates regular bowel movement it also helps to flush out toxins from your body. So do add cabbage to your salads, soups and pasta.

Oats are also rich in fiber and it combined with fruits, curd and flaxseeds (flaxseed oil is a great cure for constipation of all kinds) to cure constipation. Start your day with a glass of water, which is a best medicine for all health issues. Drink psyllium husk or Isabgol (the traditional quick fix for constipation) is not everyone’s cup of tea, then you can seal a deal with these effective natural solutions mentioned above. A glass of lemon juice, potato (not French fries), coconut water (which also maintains the electrolyte balance in your body), castor oil and banana are also great options to cure constipation.

Here are Some Tips You Can Follow to Cure Both Occasional and Chronic Constipation-

• Sedentary lifestyle has done more harm than good. Start your day with exercise as it will normalize all your body functions and keep you fit. Active lifestyle is a must for a healthy gut and body.
• Do some squatting as it puts pressure on your stomach and this exerts pressure on the intestine and make it easy for waste to come out faster.
• Toilet training is not just restricted to infants, adults should also fix a time for their bathroom routine.
• It is as important that you don’t suppress nature’s call. The body gives a signal and to put it straight you must heed it. Don’t be ashamed of constipation, it affects everyone.

There is embarrassment associated with constipation. You don’t want to reveal to anyone that you didn’t poop for five days in a row. Silently go for these natural solutions and clear your body from all toxins. When your gut is clean then your skin will glow. After all healthy body and mind will make you a happy person.

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