8 Serious Side Effects of Nicotine You Should Know

nicotine side effects

The Nicotine that is present in Tobacco is the main cause which leads to lung, esophagus and other forms of organ cancer. There are millions who are nicotine that causes almost 5.4 million deaths per year. Though most are aware of the side effects of smoking a cigarette, many tend overlook and still continue this bad habit. Here in this article we have discussed the side effects of Tobacco and how harmful it is.We have mentioned them below, have a look!

8 Dangerous Nicotine Side Effects

1. Green Tobacco Sickness

This is an acute form of nicotine toxicity which occurs when one handles the green tobacco leaves. This nicotine side effect can cause severe headache, feeling of nausea and also dizziness sometimes. These usually sustain for a short time but if lasts longer, medical attention is a must.

2. Nicotine Addiction

With the ongoing consumption of tobacco, it may make you an addict of nicotine. It is as addictive as cocaine. Nicotine can mix with various body parts and damage them over a span of time. The GABAergic neurons become inhibitory thus making a person become an addict of nicotine.

3. Effect on Metabolism

Nicotine leads to release of catecholamine and it stimulates the autonomic system. The body experiences an increase in amount of glycogen synthesis and which results in reduction of the blood glucose level. Nicotine affects insulin which int urn  disturbs the metabolism of the body and increase the risk of diabetes.

4. Causes Cancer

Cancer is the main disease that a person suffers from after the intake of nicotine. It disturbs the proper functioning of the cells and causes cancer. Nicotine develops arachidonic acid in the body which leads to cell division and leads to the malfunction of the cell and causes cancer in various organs.

5. Affects The Cardiovascular System

The hemodynamic effect that a body suffers by the intake of nicotine causes the improper function of the cardiovascular system. Nicotine causes the release of catecholamine into the body which increases the rate of heartbeat, blood pressure, and cardiac contractility. Catecholamine causes a stoppage of the flow of blood to coronary vessels and due to less amount of blood the cardiovascular system becomes the victim and thus a person suffers from cardiovascular problems.

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6. Affects Respiratory System

The respiratory system suffers a great deal by the intake of nicotine. The respiratory system suffers as the Nicotine consumption affects the breathing activity eventually choking the breathing pathway. This can cause severe breathlessness and lead to death due to choking as well.

7. Affects Renal System

The smokers have a high chance of having the chronic kidney. The consumption of nicotine excessive albumin excretion in urine, decrease glomeruler filtration rate thus damaging the renal system. Nicotine has charged many lives by the renal disease that the consumers may suffer from damaging their kidney functions.

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8. Affects Reproductive System

The consumption of nicotine causes a great affect to the reproductive system of both male and female. In male it leads to loss of penile erection and in females, it disturbs the menstrual cycle and can cause irregular bleeding.

Hence we can conclude that nicotine can seriously affect the proper functioning of the body when consumed at any stage of life. It not only damages the body organs but it turns out to be a pain for others around too. So it’s better to leave nicotine and live a better health.

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