Shirley Douglas – Height, Weight, Age, Movies & Family – Biography

Shirley Douglas

Shirley Jean Douglas, born on April 2, 1934, was a Candian Actress and an Activist. Her acting career gave her a household name in Canadian movies, television, and politics. She was met with her demise on April 5, 2020, due to pneumonia.

Shirley Douglas – Height, Weight, Age, Movies & Family – Biography

Childhood Accomplishments

  • Douglas began her acting career when she was 16 years old taking a role in the Regina Little Theatre entry at the Dominion Drama Festival where She won the title of best actress at that Drama Festival. This gave a healthy start to her career in acting.

Shirley Douglas Body Measurements

Height158 cm (5 ft 2.2 in)
Weight72 kg (159 lb)
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Natural Breasts or ImplantsNatural

Awards and Achievement

Awards and Achievement
  • She received the Gemini Award in the year 2000 for her performance in the film Shadow Lake (1999), Actra Awards in Toronto of Excellence in 2013. She holds multiple awards and nominations. Douglas received multiple medals for her work as an Activist.

Best Known for

Best Known for
  • She is known for her activism as much as she was known for her performance in films and TV shows. Best known for her role in films like Dead Ringers (1988), Wind at My Back (1996), and Lolita (1962), Douglas received the Gemini Award for her role in the TV film Shadow Lake (1999). She was arrested in 1969 for Conspiracy to Possess Unregistered Explosives in Los Angeles.

Her Relationship

Her Relationship
  • She married a Canadian prairie brewery heir Timothy Emil Sicks in 1957 with whom she had a child, Thomas Emil Sicks. Later, she married Canadian Actor Donald Sutherland in 1965. She had two children who were twins before they divorced in in 1970.

Shirley Douglas Family and Personal Life

  • Shirley Douglas was born to Mother Irma (Dempsey) and Father Tommy Douglas, who is known across Canada as the “father of medicare” and the leader of North America’s first socialist administration.
  • Douglas first became interested in performance after witnessing her father, the leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) after she saw him inspire people in large and small numbers. She began acting and singing on the stage of the small Cavalry Baptist Church. The church was later named Weyburn’s Signal Hill Theatre and was dedicated to his father. She won the Dominion Drama Festival’s best actress award for the Regina Little Theatre’s entry.
  • She carried on with her training at the Banff School of Fine Arts and later at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England. She began working in British Films after her graduation in 1952. In 1967, she moved to Los Angeles and took part in
  • American Civil Rights Movement, she helped establish a group “Friends of the Black Panthers” by doing fundraisers.
    In 1969, she was arrested for allegedly providing hand grenades to the Black Panthers. Later these charges were dropped. She went on to become the spokesperson for Canadian Health Coalition.

Shirley Douglas Personal Info

Shirley Douglas Personal Info
Full NameShirley Jean Douglas
NicknameShirley Douglas
Date of Birth2 April 1934
Date of Death5 April 2020
BirthplaceWeyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
Zodiac SignAries
Father NameTommy Douglas
Mother NameIrma May Dempsey
Sibling NamesJoan Douglas
SpouseDonald Sutherland (m. 1966–1970)
ChildrenKiefer Sutherland, Rachel Sutherland, Thomas Emil Sicks

Interesting Facts about Shirley Douglas

Interesting Facts about Shirley Douglas
  • She was the daughter of Tommy Douglas, the premier of Saskatchewan from 1944 until 1961, a Canadian politician.
  • Douglas was an activist most known for her arrest in 1969 for a conspiracy to procure hand grenades for the Black Panthers, however, the charger was later removed.
  • She was active during Civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protests which took place from 1960 to the early 1970s.
  • She was appointed as a spokesperson for Canadian Health Coalition.
  • She lived in Italy in the early 1960s where she did a voice-over in multiple western films which were directed by Italian Directors.
  • After her role in the film Lolita in 1962, she took a major break from her acting career, occupied by her activism made a return to acting in 1983.
  • Douglas passed away in Toronto, Canada in the year 2020 following her complications in pneumonia.

More about Shirley Douglas

More about Shirley Douglas
  • Education: Shirley attended Central Collegiate Institute in Regina for High School. Later she went to Banff School of Fine Arts for her training in Acting. She completed her Graduation in 1952 from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London.
  • Interviews: Shirley Douglas went on George Stroum boulopoulos Tonight for an interview which aired on Feb 27, 2013 where she went on to reveal that she was dealing with spinal deterioration for the last 4 years and was lying down since the last two years. The host then asked about the allegations on her about the conspiracy for procuring hand grenades for the Black Panthers where she said “conspiracy to possess or conspiracy for anything is a way to arrest everybody you don’t need any proof you don’t need anything you’ve heard enough rumors or so it’s really what everyone was arrested in the civil rights movement with conspiracy to and no it was very surprising.
    I heard an extraordinary amount of banging on the door which was a floor up and I was yelling I’m coming I’m coming you know and it was the police taking the door down and nobody had a warrant and I saw how frightened they were well I never understood how and it makes great sense that the people policemen are also very terrified of their job and they do things one the man was holding his gun right near my head and he said you know oh please would you just move the shaking hands because this isn’t going to get us anywhere”.
    The interview concluded with Douglas sharing some of her comedic incidents with a Scottish Artist Douglas Gordon.
  • Surgery: She had not gone through any reported surgeries.

Shirley Douglas Movies List

Shirley Douglas Movies List
  • 1955 – Joe MacBeth
  • 1962 – Lolita
  • 1983 – The Wars
  • 1988 – Dead Ringers
  • 1988 – Shadow Dancing
  • 1992 – Passage of the Heart
  • 1992 – The Shower
  • 1994 – Mesmer
  • 1998 – Barney’s Great Adventure
  • 2000 – Woman Wanted
  • 2000 – The Law of Enclosures
  • 2000 – Franklin and the Green Knight

Shirley Douglas TV Shows

Shirley Douglas TV Shows
  • 1955 – Rheingold Theatre
  • 1978 – Nellie McClung
  • 1982 – Hangin’ In
  • 1986 – Turning to Stone
  • 1986 – Loose Ends
  • 1987 – Really Weird Tales
  • 1989 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  • 1990,1991 – Street Legal
  • 1992 – Road to Avonlea
  • 1992 – The Hat Squad
  • 1993 – Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story
  • 1995 – Redwood Curtain
  • 1995 – Johnny’s Girl
  • 1996,1997 – Flash Gordon
  • 1996,2001 – Wind at My Back
  • 1998 – Silver Surfer
  • 1998,2000 – Franklin
  • 1999 – Shadow Lake
  • 2000 – A House Divided
  • 2001 – Made in Canada
  • 2002 – The Christmas Shoes
  • 2005 – Robson Arms
  • 2005 – Corner Gas
  • 2006 – The Path to 9/11
  • 2008 – Degrassi: The Next Generation
What is Shirley Douglas’ Net Worth?

she had a net worth of about $1.5 Million as of 2020.

What is her Source of Income?

Acted in over 12 films and TV shows and being an Activist in her early life helped her in making a fortune of 1.5 million dollars.