12 Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Nobody likes any extra growth of hair and we try all possible methods to get rid of those unwanted hair. Whether the extra growth is on your arms, legs or any other body part, you can easily remove them. You can opt for any of the hair removal procedures by keeping in mind certain factors such as the time taken for the procedure, the cost of the procedure, how safe is the procedure, is it suitable for your skin type, etc.

Some of the most common methods used for hair removal are waxing, shaving, trimming, depilatories, etc. The advantages of these methods are that they are quite cost effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket and they can be done easily and comfortably in the confines of your house. The disadvantage of using these methods is that they are not a permanent solution and hence have to be done as and when there is a need to remove the extra growth of hair.

Laser hair removal, diode epilation, intense pulsed light, etc., are some of the unconventional hair removal methods. Using these methods can give you a permanent relief from your excess hair growth problem, however, they are definitely more expensive and time consuming as well.

Out of all the unconventional methods, laser hair removal has gained immense popularity and a lot of people are opting for this procedure to say goodbye to their unwanted hair. Though this method id heavily recommended, you need to be aware of not only its pros but also its cons. So before you go running to the nearest laser hair removal clinic, we suggest you to go through our list side effects of laser hair removal.

12 Laser Hair Removal Side Effects:

1. Itching:

A very common side effect is itching but you don’t have to worry too much since it is just a short term side effect. But nonetheless, do be prepared for some itching sensation after your laser removal procedure.

2. Redness:

Another side effect which is often seen after a laser hair removal procedure is redness around the area where the procedure has been carried out. This would reduce quickly.

3. Swelling:

You might observe some swelling around the area where the laser treatment has been done. The swelling may last just for a couple of hours. You can use fresh aloe vera gel to get some relief from the redness and swelling. Make sure to use it for at least three to four days. Alternately, you can also use ice to take care of the swelling.

4. Pain:

This is not a painless treatment so be ready to experience certain degree of pain throughout the procedure. Make sure to always use a numbing cream. Just apply it on the respective area 30 minutes before the procedure starts.

5. Hypo Pigmentation:

Hypo pigmentation occurs when there is inadequate pigmentation of the skin. The use of laser method for hair removal can result in this condition. This may occur since the melanin production can be disrupted due to the laser light’s absorption.

6. Hyper Pigmentation:

This is side effect of laser hair removal treatment which results in darkening of the skin. This occurs since the melanin production gets stimulated due to the laser procedure.

7. Skin Burn:

Though most of the times the skin burn is very mild, there have been instances where the skin burns have been proved to be fatal. The laser hair treatment involves the usage of a lot of heat in order to remove the unwanted hair and this can cause a skin burn. This side effect is mostly experienced by people who have darker skin.

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8. Blister/Scarring:

As mentioned earlier, the laser hair removal procedure is done by using a lot of heat. The high intensity of heat can cause blisters or scarring of skin. It might look like you have a case of sunburn! Just ensure that you take the appropriate remedies to control the blisters and scars.

9. Discoloration Of The Skin:

Due to the laser treatment playing havoc with the melanin production, you can end with a side effect which is discoloration of the skin. To avoid this side effect, you need to consult with your technician and choose the right settings and form of laser treatment.

10. Acne:

Did you know that one of the side effects of laser hair removal technique is the flare of acne? This would usually occur when you try this hair removal method to remove unwanted hair from your face. People often opt for this method to remove extra hair from their forehead, chin or upper lip.

11. Purpura:

Here is a laser hair removal side effect which is very rare – purpura. This is condition where you might have red or purple discoloured spots on the skin. Like we said, it is quite rare for someone to end up with this side effect, but nonetheless do remember that it can happen.

12. Infection:

This is another rare side effect of using the laser technique for hair removal. One of the most important thing to do after your laser treatment is to keep the skin area completely clean or else it might get infected. You should never miss out on your after-care procedure or else you will be bogged down by side effects.

There you have it! Top 12 side effects of laser hair removal which might make you rethink on your decision to opt for this method. Since this is a costly procedure and may require couple of sessions, you need to be 100% sure before positively going for this procedure.

If you have decided to go ahead then please make sure that you get it done at a reputable laser clinic, talk to the technicians and doctors first, explain your skin type and any relevant medical conditions to them, ensure that the tools are sterilized and are being handled by professionals, take tips from your doctor for after-care procedure and do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you face any of the above or any other side effects.

Stay safe and all the best with your laser hair removal treatment!

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