5 Masturbation Side Effects for Women

Masturbation is an activity which only few women speak in an open forum, but a majority of them take part in it. Despite being considered a taboo worldwide, masturbation has been in existence for time imperial. Though the obvious effect of masturbation is that it makes you feel good, but very few realize that this favorite pass time  can have certain consequences that can have ill effects on the body. Let’s have a look at the side effects.

Unexpected Side Effects of Masturbation for Women:

Though masturbation side effects are not widely discussed, but there are few major ones that are mentioned to have bad effect on the women reproduction system and also on their general health. For anyone indulging in masturbation,knowing the side effects is important.

1. Mental & Physical Imbalance:

Too much of masturbation can lead to mental and physical imbalance. When you are preoccupied with it, you tend to ignore other important areas of life. When they discover the fact that they have become addicts to it, a feeling of guilt emerges and dampens self esteem.

2. Back Pain:

In case of women who masturbate a lot, they tend to be victims of back pain. Pains or cramps in the pelvic region is common. Due to such tremendous activity in the vulva, contraction of the oelvic muscles cause strain the back muscles causing Back Pain.

3. Lowered Libido Level:

A majority of women who are addicted to masturbation have reported that the sexual life with their partners have not been great and they suffer from low libido levels. Excessive ejaculation can cause boredom in bed in times of sexual intercourse.

4. Emotionally Traumatic:

Masturbation may bring about a sense of guilt in women because of cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs. It can be termed as something that is not immoral or wrong, but you can come across terms that any form of self-pleasure is dirty and immoral. If you feel guilty in doing so, then confide in someone close to you or you could speak to your sexologist to find a remedy to the emotional let down feeling.

5. Harmful During Pregnancy:

It is obvious that hormonal changes will occur during pregnancy. It is that time when certain women have a high sex desire as well and  most feel masturbation is the perfect way to release this form of sexual tension. Women are bound feel pelvic cramps after and during orgasm while masturbating, which can sometime cause excessive pressure on the womb making it dangerous for the fetus. Hence one should avoid masturbation during pregnancy.

Masturbation is not safe for women who are prone to high risk pregnancies. The reason for it is that orgasm can lead to higher chances of labour. Hence we suggest understanding your sexual need well and finding other ways to let go off all that sexual tension that imposes one to masturbate.

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