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Simple Spring Makeup Look – Step by Step

A change of season means a change in your daily routine too.  Beginning of spring indicates that warm days are approaching.  Hefty make-over during the season will not be an appropriate choice, especially when you stare at a camera.  So, you have to swap to lighter versions to give a better look and give a gracious appearance. Here we present a few trendy & stunning Spring Makeup choices for this season.

Step 1: Apply your choice of BB cream or a foundation cream with light coverage.

Step 2: If you have a dark skin around your mouth or dark circles round your eyes or skin pigmentation, use your concealer to hide them.  Concealers can be used on a daily basis, as it hydrates the skin under the eye and does not allow wrinkles on skin.  This make up on the skin can be completed with a dash of compact powder.  Being flawless and radiant is the key word of this fashion era, so get close to your concealer and foundation, as the base is the primary one to make you appear lovely.

Step 3: To acquire adorable eyes, After the base make-over, it is time to embellish your eyes.  Choose an apt color.  Use your finger to apply the eye primer over the eyelid.Choose a base color, probably the lightest one in the pack.  Next choose a darkest color from the fold and apply it over the base color.  Add a light brown color to the brow bone.  Now you could use a light pink shimmer to the eyelids.  Highlight the inner corners of the eyebrows.

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Next take eyeliner and line the edges of your eyes.  Close the process by applying mascara over the eyelashes.  As this will take a lot of time lean your elbow on a firm surface so that you can reach your eyes easily.  Start from the root of the eyelashes and drag it towards the end of the eyelashes.  Repeat this for all the lashes in the eye.  Place an eyelash comb at the root of the lash and gently make a to and fro motion.  Do this process when the mascara is in the wet mode, since it will fall as flakes after it dries up.  This might seem a boring process, but after you complete it, your eyes will be projected beautifully.

Step 4: For blushing cheeks, The current trend is to have dewy pink flushed cheeks. For this, take an ‘Angled Contour Brush’ and apply the base color that matches your skin tone, preferably to the hollows of your cheek, under the jawline and hairline.  Apply the same to the sides of your nose too.  Pink/peach colors are preferable.  This would look very light and natural.  You could extend this to your temples too.  Apply it very lightly or you would end up looking like a clown.

Step 5: For dazzling lips,  For the lips you can choose either to opt for bold colors or a bright pink & orange.  If you are not sure of which color to choose, you can pick shades of red color, as it will make you look fresh, young and sexy.  You can get along with the season too, if spring inspires you much, you can choose to wear the colors of tulips, poppies and other spring flowers on your lips.

A Few Tips for Spring:

  • Merge a light sunscreen to your routine make-over if you spend more time out-of-doors.
  • Bright coral shades would look amazing during the spring than the darker blush shades.
  • It is wise to use products in liquid form than the ones in powder form.
  • Apply glittery formulas only during the evenings.
  • If you are about to use Waterproof formulas prevent excessive use of skincare products, since it will make the makeup slide.

Make-over is an extensive art to be explored.  You just have to understand yourself and your skin tone, to make yourself gorgeous and have fun with colors.

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Simple Spring Makeup Look – Step by Step
you have to swap to lighter versions to give a better look and give a gracious appearance. Here we present a few trendy & stunning Spring Makeup

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