The Love and Moment of Crisis! How to Deal With Them

the love and moment of crisis

We all have been highly intrigued with the life of our favourite Bollywood stars. Whether it is about their breakup, patch up, link in stories and so on. But what make us think is “Bollywood stars have never proved their love last longer” If you agree with me, you would actually understand what I mean. May be because of them or I say, may be because getting highly educated and too much developed, we oppose the idea of getting loved by one and from one. Well, keeping besides the reason to break relationship. We would talk about the love and moment of Crisis. If you are a victim of love, don’t worry we would be guiding you way to happiness.

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Moment of Crisis

You and me, all live for love and we human perceive to be hungry, greedy and always wanting love. But not love last for a longer period of time, and not everyone can sustain relationship for long. May be it was your fault, or maybe it was her to take a step further, there comes a stage of Crisis. You can probably feel the love Crisis in more sincere and bad way like you never felt them before.

If you are ditched, back stabbed this would get worse due to your heart constantly glued with the feeling of revenge. But no, when you think about these things recall and say to yourself, you were born alone, and all you know is you will need to go back alone. So, you anyhow don’t need to face low, lost, depressed during these phase of life. You need to cheer up and gear back for your life, family and career.

Sighs of Being Depressed and Facing Love Crisis

  • Depressed

The foremost sigh that you are facing serious love Crisis in life is being depressed. However, you are the person who is not able to find happiness in your surrounding but you would find a negative way to not let go the problem. You become wild, angry, aggressive and more aggressive sometimes.

  • Being Too Much Obsessed

Being obsessed is not a bad thing, what sometimes being obsessed upto a limit is not a good thing too. You may be obsessed in many different ways like keep ringing your lover’s phone not twice, thrice but not less than fifty times. You would call him, call him and keep calling him just like you were dead.

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  • Weight Loss

Yes, this is one among the sigh of facing love Crisis. Enough or sudden weight loss can be one of the reason to face the Crisis. When you have lost your love or had a recent breakup, your attitude is more towards gaining back that person and not giving attention to your body. However, apart from the serious issues I have encountered people who lose weight to gain back their love, only due to this sympathy.

  • Decline in Performance.

This may be decline in any performance, whether office, college or social performance. You become highly inactive on these social media, like you were never before. And also, you are not willing to join any parties, gathering or talks or your colleagues. Somewhere or the other, you seem to be lost and all you can think is ‘her’. If you are a girl, you would prefer to sit and cry in a corner and not speak to anything.  Such tendency during this time can make you feel depressed even more.

7 Ways on How to Deal with Depression

All emotional Crisis are important including the suicide thoughts in a person. You would probably not know, what the person is thinking about at this time. If he was too much involved, it would surely take some time to take him out and far away from such love problems and Crisis.

1. Talk to your Friend

Talking to your friend, and letting him know about your emotions, notions and feeling is the best way to deal with stress. If he is the friend in your good and bad time, he would make it sure you are soon able to fight the Crisis.

2. Take Professional Consultation

If you thought, your friend will not be able to handle the situation and understand you; we would recommend taking a professional consultation. This will help to deal with love Crisis and also it would help to regenerate self confidence and control.

3. Start Socializing

If thought, she was your world and now world came to an end, then you are wrong again. Such obsessed activities can make your depressed again and never let you live life as before. You should start socializing like you were before, and try to behave, act and assume you are normal, and nothing went wrong to you.

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4. Concentrate on Productive Activities

Instead on thinking hours and hours on how to gain your love back in confidence, try to focus more on productive things that would help to build your career well. Having a good professional life is great in itself, but at the same time, you need to fully concentrate and focus on things.

5. Face the Problem

When you know, where things went wrong you are the person to face the things and future problem. Instead of playing the blame game of your mistake, my mistake you can simply accept thing as it is, and learn to face them.

6. Enjoy Music

Music highly connects your life, and this is the best way on how to let your stress go down and feel relieved. You can play some rock, hard or pop music and try to rejuvenate yourself. Again here, you are not expected to play those songs, which was her favorite. Negative things can take you backward again.

7. Be Busy

Keep yourself busy, than let it is 30 minutes of daily walking in a day. But you need to walk, walk and walk. You need to do anything that will boost your mood, make you feel rich, happy and prosperous. Try doing some exercise, as it helps to relax stress muscles in you.

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