5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises

thigh slimming exercises

Thighs are often problematic areas, especially for women which they need to address, not only for reducing fat but for toning and firming muscles in this region. Here are some effective exercises for the same.

5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises

1. Squats

squats for slim thighs

How to Do:

  • Start by standing with feet apart, about hip length distance.
  • Begin to bend the knees, keeping back straight and without leaning forward.
  • Hold legs bent at ninety degrees position with knees behind the toes.
  • Hold this imaginary sitting position for about 30 seconds or more.
  • Raise the body back to regain a standing position.

Number of Repetitions: Do 10 repetitions in a set; try and increase holding time. Do 3 sets in total.

How it Helps: This exercise helps to work quadriceps, hamstrings, and butt; it is effective for the upper thighs.

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2. Side Lying Leg Lifts

side lying leg lift for slim thighs

How to Do:

  • Start by laying a floor mat and lying down on one side.
  • Keep legs extended and flex both feet.
  • Place hand on ground, palms down to provide support in front of abs; place an arm below the head.
  • Lift top leg about 6 to 8 inches from the floor; pulse upward for 20 counts; hold the leg at highest point and circle with heel.
  • Turn on the other side and repeat the same motions with the other leg.

Number of Repetitions: Do 10 repetitions for each leg in a single set. Complete 3 sets in total.

How it Helps: This exercise helps in strengthening core muscles along with reducing leg fat. It also helps to tone the butt.

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3. Walking Lunges

walking lunges for slim thighs

How to Do:

  • Start in standing position.
  • Take a step forward with the right leg, lowering hips towards the floor and bending knees at 90 degrees.
  • Bend the back leg knee towards the ground, keeping the front knee above ankle.
  • Press down on the right heel and push off with left foot; bring it forward and step in control with a lunge on the other.
  • You can take two to three steps and then walk back in the same manner.

Number of Repetitions: Walk 2-3 steps in lunge starting with each leg. Do 20 counts for each leg.

How it Helps: Lunges help to address fat in the thigh region as well as to increase balance and stability. Effectiveness can be increased by holding dumbbells on either hand.

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4. Step Ups

step ups for slim thighs

How to Do:

  • Start by taking a chair or a bench on which you can step up at a right angle; at a gym, one can use plyo boxes or weight benches.
  • Start by placing one foot entirely on the chair or bench; press down with the heel and bring up the other leg.
  • Return to starting position by stepping down again and bringing both feet back on the ground.
  • Repeat with the same leg for some counts and then change legs.

Number of Repetitions: Do 15 sets for each leg and 3 sets in total.

How it Helps: Step ups help increase stability and balance as well as works on thigh fat.

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5. Side Lying Hip Adduction

side lying hip adduction for slim thighs

How to Do:

  • Lay on the side on a floor mat.
  • Keep hips vertical; bend the top leg at the knee and bring it to the ground in front.
  • Hold this position and raise the bottom leg as high as possible without bending it.
  • Hold up for a few seconds and bring it back on the ground.

Number of Repetitions: Do 10 counts for each leg and 2 sets in total.

How it Helps: The exercise helps to address the inner thigh region and tones the muscles.

The above exercises, coupled with aerobic or active exercises like walking or running, will help to tone thigh muscles in no time.

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